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QUINCY, Mass. (AP) — QUINCY, Mass. (AP) — J.Jill Inc. (JILL) on Wednesday reported profit of $4.6 million in its fiscal first quarter.

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The mystery client who hired a detective to spy on Reno’s mayor and a county commissioner with GPS trackers has joined an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court challenging a lower court ruling that his name be made public. Lawyers for the client, identified in court papers as “John Doe,” say his First Amendment right to remain anonymous is one of the foundations of democracy and routine practice in “the business of politics.” The justices allowed the lawyers to file the latest briefs in the case under seal so as to keep his identity secret publicly, at least for now. Mayor Hillary Schieve and ex-Commissioner Vaughn Hartung say the secret surveillance violated their privacy.

After a public hearing featuring calls for Massachusetts to "get our groove back" and a debate on whether boozy drinks or chicken tenders are more harmful to health, Consumer Protection Committee Co-chair Rep. Tackey Chan said his fellow representatives have not signaled a desire to clear the way for beverage promotions in some communities.


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