Not Real News

Women walk through a secondhand market Wednesday in Kabul, Afghanistan.

CLAIM: A CNN article reports that the Taliban banned menstrual hygiene products in Afghanistan, saying it goes against Shariah law.

THE FACTS: The article, which was made to look like it was published by CNN, is fabricated. CNN did not publish such a story, and no credible reports can be found to support any such action by the Taliban.

“Taliban bans sanitory napkins in Afghanistan, says it’s not a Sharia complaint practice,” says the falsified post, which has multiple spelling errors.

A closer look at the post shows that the CNN logo was flipped and the font does not match the cable news network’s logo. The post also features a photo that has been circulating online since at least 2015, showing a person standing in front of a shelf full of menstrual hygiene products.

A spokesperson for CNN confirmed in an email to The Associated Press that the post was bogus. AP reporters in Afghanistan found no evidence of any such Taliban edict.