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HULL, Mass. (AP) — The former superintendent of Hull public schools alleges in a lawsuit that he was discriminated against because he is gay and his firing has made it impossible for him to land a new job in education.

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BOSTON (AP) — The Green Line train that struck a second train on Friday was traveling at 30 miles per hour, while the train that was struck was traveling at about 10 mph, according to a preliminary review of data by the National Transportation Safety Board.

In mid-July, the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife issued an advisory citing an illness affecting birds in some parts of the U.S. and advising people, as a precautionary measure, to report observations of dead birds and stop using bird feeders. 

While investigations continue in other regions MassWildlife is asking the public to continue to refrain from feeding birds and putting out bird baths.

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AMHERST, Mass. (AP) — Civil War tablets inscribed with the names of Black soldiers of the famed 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment and 5th Cavalry are on display in Amherst after 30 years in storage.

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In 2019 the average commute time in Berkshire County was 19.2 minutes in one direction. Add up all those missed trips between mid-March 2020 and mid-June 2021, and you got more than a week of life back from commuting.

Things to do this week in Berkshire County

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