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Latest News

Prince Harry is in a London court as the lawyer for a group of British tabloids prepared to ask a judge to toss out lawsuits by the prince, Elton John and several other celebrities who allege phone tapping and other invasions of privacy. Monday's hearing involves one of several lawsuits Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex, has brought against the media. It is expected to last four days. Harry’s presence at the High Court in London is a sign of the importance he places on the case.

Israel’s largest trade union group launched a strike across a broad swath of sectors, joining a surging protest movement against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to overhaul the judiciary — a plan that is facing unprecedented opposition. The strike by the Histadrut umbrella group, which represents nearly 800,000 workers in health, transit and banking, among many other fields, could paralyze large parts of Israel’s economy, which is already on shaky ground, ratcheting up the pressure on Netanyahu to suspend the overhaul. Departing flights out of the country’s main international airport were grounded in protest, affecting thousands of travelers. Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul has sparked unprecedented opposition from across Israeli society.

A nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier and its battle group have begun exercises with South Korean warships hours after North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles in an apparent protest of the allies’ expanding drills. The seventh missile test this month underscored heightening tensions in the region as both the North’s weapons tests and the U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises have intensified. The launches may have been timed for the arrival of the USS Nimitz and its strike group, including a guided missile cruiser and two destroyers, in waters near Jeju island. Japan's chief Cabinet secretary said North Korea may dial up its testing activity further with more missile launches or even conducting its first nuclear test since September 2017.

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