PITTSFIELD — After snow blanketed the Berkshires for a rare white Christmas, a hard freeze is following close behind.

While the high temperatures today and Wednesday will flirt with 20 degrees Fahrenheit, tonight will see the freeze roll in with lows around minus 7 degrees.

The possible wind chill could reach minus 10 degrees, and minus 20 to minus 25 degrees on Wednesday night into Thursday morning, according to Joe Cebulko, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Albany.

The highs on Thursday and Friday will only reach 5 degrees.

And it's not likely to get any warmer until next week at the earliest.

"Multiple excursions of cold air are heading south from Canada, which can bring in those really cold temperatures," Cebulko said. "As of right now it could last as long as the weekend, and the temperatures will likely remain low next week."

There is not likely to be any significant snowfall through the weekend.

According to police reports, the eight to 10 inches of snow that fell in the Berkshires on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day only caused a few minor accidents with no injuries, one downed tree and a minor power outage in Pittsfield.

Since it was a holiday, there wasn't much traffic to get in the way of snow removal operations.

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