AUG. 24-28


Rebecca Haight sold property at 9 Melrose St., Adams, to Kelly S. Lee and Drew W. Smires, $115,000.

Lisa Horn-Fournier sold property at 29 Victory St., Adams, to Orlando Vergara, $41,000.

Patricia Carpenter sold property at 7 Dubis St., Adams, to Earl R. and Linda J. Kornn, $170,000.


Glenda Sherman sold property at 23 Cross Road, Alford, to Sean Buckley and Lauren Buckley, $762,500.


Dean R. Williams and Eila M. Bell sold property at Bancroft Road, Becket, to Russell Guy Jones and Lisa Parker Jones, $17,000.

Mary A. Sykes and Joyce Acree, co-trustees of the Charles E. Klein Trust, sold property at Golden Knight Lane, Becket, to Tanya and Vitaliy Reznichenko, $18,500.

Jeanette Liemer, trustee of the Jeanette Liemer Trust Agreement, sold property at 454 Seneca Drive, Becket, to Andreas and Barbara Kaimis, $345,000.


Peter N. Tietgens III and Christine A. Tietgens, trustees of the Peter N. Tietgens III and Christine A. Tietgens NT, sold property at 939 West Mountain Road, Cheshire, to Maria A. Mackenty, $450,000.

Matthew J. Mancino and Jocelyn Sheila Kimball sold property at 65 West Mountain Road, Cheshire, to Christopher J. and Kaylee R. Biddy, $170,000.


Barbara J. Little sold property at 46 Belmar Drive, Clarksburg, to Anthony S. Pike, $246,000.


Shaun Torrey and Elizabeth M. Mathis-Torrey sold property at 177 Pleasant St., Dalton, to Drew F. Burdick and Sarah H. Pudney, $248,500.

Marilyn C. Harte sold property at 49 Hale St., Dalton, to Jason P. Cimini and Jennifer M. Guinan, $226,000.

Paul G. and Jennifer A. Durfee, formerly known as Jennifer A. Filkins, sold property at 43 Central Ave., Dalton, to Ryan Perkins and Rebecca Godbout, $216,000.


NBT Bank NA sold property at Monterey Road, Great Barrington, to Matthew J. Merritt III, $25,000.

Margaret A. Curletti sold property at 226 Grove St., Great Barrington, to John A. Curletti, $230,000.

John Henderson sold property at 23 Church St., Great Barrington, to Stephen William Johnson and Jeri Christine Johnson, trustees of the Johnson Realty Trust, $760,000.

Vincenzo A. Romano sold property at 1060 Main St., Great Barrington, to Hillary Rush, trustee of H. Rush Revocable Trust, $500,000.

Andrew R. Humes sold property at 265 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Adina R. Astor and Kevin M. Bolan, $370,000.


Leon A. Caouette sold property at 62 Linden Lane, Hinsdale, to Robert E. Karowski, $210,000.

Martha M. Bodine sold property at 338 Maple St., Hinsdale, to Steven James Dupont Jr. and Jocelyn Lee Dupont, $252,000.

Wayne M. and Michelle Chappel, formerly known as Michelle Wuest, sold property at 377 George Schnopp Road, Hinsdale, to Glenn B. Walter, $650,000.


Tammy M. Munn sold property at 35 Baker St., Lanesborough, to Shanon Jay Morse, $125,000.

Patriots Resorts Corporation sold property at 20 Williamstown Road, Lanesborough, to Anthony P. Doyle, trustee of the Normalk NT, $250,000.

Wesley P. Lamore sold property at 67 Potter Mountain Road, Lanesborough, to Kimberly C. Conant and Tyler M. Pereira, $350,000.

Steven F. and Katrina A. Oullette sold property at 32 Bailey Road, Lanesborough, to Gleb and Ann Jerebtsov, $155,500.

Michael R. Shepherd and Crystal J. Morin sold property at Silver Street, Lanesborough, to Brian M. and Jacelyn E. Wojieck, $60,000.

Sandra J. and Susan M. Barnes sold property at 87 Swamp Road, Lanesborough, to James K. Barnes II, $50,000.

Kevin W. Cahill and Casey M. Hall sold property at 19 Bridge St., Lanesborough, to Ellies Holdings LLC, $28,000.

William B. and Nancy J. Pacocha sold property at 55 Ocean St., Lanesborough, to Cynthia A. Sample, $359,900.


Brian J. Wadsworth sold property at 189 Housatonic St., Lee, to Crystal Lynn Curtis, $210,000.

Elliot S. and Michelle P. Bodian sold property at 30 Union St., Lee, to Brian J. Wadsworth, $190,000.

Nancy A. Polastri, Suzanne P. Pearson and John H. Polastri sold property at 60 Margarie St., Lee, to Charles Solarz III and Sarah Jean Cinquemain, $188,500.

Laurie A. Barnaba sold property at 1528 Pleasant St., Lee, to MacKenzie J. Kruvant, $459,000.

Warren S. Robertson and Carol A. Hadsteadt sold property at 80 Third St., Lee, to Brian P. Allison, $127,500.


TL745D Inc. sold property at 55 Pittsfield Road, Unit 1, Lenox, to HJB Holdings LLC, $520,000.

Erica Forman sold property at 12 Meadow Lane, Unit 10, Lenox, to Martha Bodine, $210,000.

George and Rochelle Stassa sold property at 9 Highcrest Road, Unit 30, Lenox, to Charles Roy Lipcion, trustee of the Charles Roy Lipcon Revocable Trust, $675,000.

Jon Bruce MacLean sold property at 61 Taconic Ave., Lenox, to David McDaniel and Steve Edlund, $210,000.


David M. Abromowitz, trustee of 148 Main Road Realty Trust, sold property at 148 Main Road, Monterey, to Brian C. Kaplan and Erin H. Kaplan, $577,000.

Pama R. Miller, trustee of Sandra Moore Irrevocable Trust, sold property at 38 Elephant Rock Road, Monterey, to Andres Flavio Lichtenthal and Lisa Landry, $715,000.

Beverly Pulver, Frederick H. Phelps and H.A. Scott Phelps, individually and as heirs at law of the Estate of Gail F. Scherrer, sold property at 0 Hupi Road, Monterey, to Alan L. Klingenstein and Kathryn M. Klingenstein, $1,475,000.

Clayton W. Peterson a/k/a Clayton Peterson II and Kevin C. Peterson sold property at Norwalk Acres, Monterey, to Stephen Blackwell Jr., Jason Blackwell and Nanci Blackwell, $10,000.

Dennis J. Lynch and Elaine Lynch sold property at 10 Heron Pond Park Road, Monterey, to Susan Kerschbaumer, $489,000.


Alfred P. Nicol Jr. and Gina Digiovanni sold property at 110 Mill River Great Barrington Road, New Marlborough, to Phoebe Cottage LLC, $450,000.

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Casey L. Bard sold property at 329 Eagle St., North Adams, to Casey D. Albert and Paul A Rondeau Jr., $169,000.


Pine Road LLC sold property at Off Kibbe Road, Otis, to Clark W. and Suzie Y. Nelson, $1,300.

Robert S. and Nancy M. Rondeau sold property at East Otis Road, Otis, to Marrianne Gamelli, $38,000.


Steven Jr. and Jocelyn L. Dupont sold property at 13 Bonny Lane, Peru, to Shawn Crahan and Kelly Cote, $150,900.

Michael J. Rebarchak and Meghann E. Donovan sold property at 13 Ash Lane, Peru, to Jarred Grignon, $295,000.


Willard W. and Christine A. Smith sold property at 11 Pleasure Ave., Pittsfield, to Ronald W. Mercier Jr., $190,000.

Inmer Bernabel and Bartola I. Orellana sold property at 18 Wilson St., Pittsfield, to Nicole Pascual and Andres Villa Felipe, $102,100.

Linda A. Waldman, personal rep. of the Estate of Merrill W. Roberts, sold property at 82 Noblehurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Nathan G. and Nina M. Sondrini, $125,000.

Karen M. Machaffie sold property at 129 Euclid Ave., Pittsfield, to Charles Francois Paffenroth, $210,000.

Arvest Central Mortgage Company and Vincenzo G. and Stephanie A. Mazzeo sold property at 33 Connecticut Ave., Pittsfield, to HSBC Bank USA N.A., trustee, $130,500.

John C. and Nancy C. Ogle sold property at 39 Hopewell Drive, Pittsfield, to Tyler E. Joyner and Caitlyn R. Gooley, $182,500.

Gregory M. Sheehan and Amy L. Sheehan, formerly known as Amy L. Furgat, sold property at 620 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Matthew W. and Alicia M. Powers, $450,000.

Karen A. Furley, Lisa M. Pope and Glenn R. Levante sold property at 169 Brighton Ave., Pittsfield, to Lauren H. Larison and Jason M. Boulais, $191,000.

Michael K. and Dennis T. Schilling sold property at 31 Elmhurst Ave., Pittsfield, to Melodie A. Hoskeer, $160,000.

Anthony F. and Marilyn J. Carusotto sold property at 28 Kellie Drive, Pittsfield, to Jonathan Ovitt and Caitlyn Cross, $190,000.

Melodie A. Hoskeer sold property at 186 Burbank St., Pittsfield, to Patricia Louise Thompson, $79,000.

Woodmont Development Corp. sold property at Old Farm Lane, Pittsfield, to Andrew and Michele Manzer, $25,000.

M. Theresa Mazzeo, trustee of the Buldo Nominee Trust, sold property at 14 Woodland Drive, Pittsfield, to Frank and Lisa Cermak, $535,000.

Cory R. and Jessica M. Bazinet sold property at 30 Wood Ave., Pittsfield, to Susan B. Carroll, $215,000.

Jason P. Cimini sold property at 44 Garden St., Pittsfield, to Austin P. Gaudette, $166,750.

Churchill Street Realty LLC sold property at 121 Dorchester Ave., Pittsfield, to Sarah and Joshua Jordan, $173,000.

Robert G. and Martha L. Haughey sold property at 30 Kearney Ave., Pittsfield, to Philip S. Volastro, $210,000.

James and Tricia Bronson sold property at 1296 Churchill St., Pittsfield, to Matthew J. Giardina and Justine S. Deluca, $365,000.

Matthew J. Giardina sold property at 31 Saratoga Drive, Pittsfield, to Mark and Mary E. Zarazinski, $220,000.

Francese Family Realty LLC sold property at 140 Broadview Terrace, Pittsfield, to Ryan Wadsworth, $115,000.

Keith M. and Susan E. Holden sold property at 28 Bryant St., Pittsfield, to Austin R. Nunn and Heather L. Lusignan, $215,000.

George E. Newell sold property at 422 Elm St., Pittsfield, to John E. Perusse Jr., $197,500.


Norman G. Resnick and Marcia G. Resnick sold property at 7 Sunset Court, Otis Woodlands, Lot 9, Sandisfield & Otis, to Janet F. Weinstein, $300,000.


Rosemarie Wright, individually and as personal representative of the Estate of Manfred Pekrul, sold property at Salisbury Road, Sheffield, to Donald Seagraves and Jill Seagraves, $85,000.


Carol and Jonathan Davidson sold property at 78 Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, to Jonathan and Shari Turell, $2,375,000.


Dennis Lamke sold property at 2 Washington Square a/k/a 3 Washington Square, West Stockbridge, to Andre Luis Valbert Delgado and Sandra Maria Pucciarelli Delgado, $477,500.

Audrey S. Vandervoort, trustee of AS-IS Realty Trust, sold property at 47 Stockbridge Road, West Stockbridge, to Ryan D. Salame and Ryan J. Vandervoort, $150,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, successor by merger to Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York, and Lila W. Berle, co-personal representatives of the Estate of H. George Wilde, a/k/a Helm George Wilde, Balgen Machine Company, Charlene F. Gennari, personal representative of the Estate of Arthur P. Gennari Sr., sold property at State Road, a/k/a Route 102, West Stockbridge, to William F. Nolan, $5,000.


Claire V. Patterson, Terry J. Vivori, Christine M. Vanhorn, and Alison A. Patterson sold property at 964 Simonds Road, Williamstown, to Kristen S. Thompson, $260,000.

Darryl Danaher, Lisa Kelly, Julie Danaher, and Robert Danaher sold property at 537 Main St., Williamstown, to ENL LLC, $250,000.

Ellen J. Bernstein, trustee of the Ellen J. Bernstein RT, sold property at 146 Ide Road, Williamstown, to Jawal M. and Janelle M. Nga, $708,800.

Mary-Delia J. Marshall and Kevin F. Coll, co-trustees of the Trust F/B/O Marilyn W. Coll U/W/O Francis J. Coll Jr., sold property at 106 Scott Hill Road, Williamstown, to David J. Reiss and Rufina J. Lee, $375,000.


Sean F. and Jennifer M. Anderson sold property at 93 Access Road 3, Windsor, to Jon A. and Kelly M. Frederick, $192,500.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.