JULY 15-19


Judith A. DeGere sold property at Rear Bellevue Avenue and Rear Overlook Avenue, Adams, to Craig A. Coons, $25,000.

William E. Donovan Jr. and Jean L. Donovan f/k/a Jean L. Melillo sold property at 5 Marshall Ave., Adams, to James E. Dittrich Jr., $166,400.

Alan J. Lawson sold property at 105 East Road, Adams, to Janet B. Higgins, $191,000.


Joanna Allen-Price and Lindsay Allen-Price sold property at 260 East Road, Alford, to Cloud Kingdom LLC, $430,000.


Greylock Federal Credit Union and Evelyn Olivieri sold property at 23 Algerie Road, Becket, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $148,577.23.

Shaylyn A. Sicard sold property at 22 Wade Inn Road, Becket, to Shane L. Daigle, $199,900.


John M. and Ellen M. Wohrle, co-trustees of the Claire L. Wohrle Irrevocable Trust of 2011, sold property at 191 North St., Cheshire, to Christopher L. Zahensky, $162,000.

Adams Community Bank sold property at 86 Sandmill Hill Road, Cheshire, to Thomas J. Rotolo, $25,000.


Ira H. and Sheila D. Grable sold property at 176 Red Barn Road, Unit 4, Dalton, to Mark A. and Nancy Sims, $522,500.

Charlotte S. Cooper sold property at 34 Weston Ave., Dalton, to Seth H. Hamilton, $240,000.

Jeremy D. and Susan E. Burt sold property at 180 Raymond Drive, Dalton, to Randy L. and Maria A. Thomas, $400,000.

Robin L. Guzzo and Iris Melendez sold property at 44 Greenridge Drive, Dalton, to Cody L. and Jessica A. Mullaly, $167,500.


Nathanial Nowygrod a/k/a Nathan Nowygrod and Vioteta T. Nowygrod sold property at 7 Undermountain Road, Route 41, Egremont, to Amy Gallagher, trustee of Gallagher Family Nominee Trust, $420,000.

David Thorne and Pamela R. Green, co-trustees of Trust F/B/O Diane P. Curro U/W/O Millicent E. Markham sold property at 45 Blunt Road, Egremont, to Jennifer L. Harvel, $265,000.


Hurlburt LLC sold property at 65 Hurlburt Road, Great Barrington, to Jantu LLC, $595,000.

Ruby Fuller f/k/a Ruby Hargraves sold property at 26 Dresser Ave., Great Barrington, to House In Town LLC, $90,000.


Rakeshkumar M. Vyas sold property at 8 Bull Hill Road, Lanesborough, to Trevor John Dufault, $265,000.

Maria Margarida Lopes sold property at 22 Grove Ave., Lanesborough, to Antonio Cerveira, $150,000.


Ellen Apfel sold property at 475 Leisure Lee Road, Lee, to John Britton, $225,000.

Gail Tyer, trustee of the Sheldon P. Allen Trust, sold property at 44 Rose Ave., Lee, to Bridget L. and Gail M. Tyer, $130,000.

Rebecca A. Bauer, trustee of the Barbara A. Stone RT, sold property at 121 Golden Hill Road, Lee, to Joanne M. Stringer, $280,000.


David A. Ward, trustee of the Lenox Woods at Kennedy Park NT, sold property at 2 Spruce Trail, Unit 2, Lenox, to Gary Melton and Robin Kimbrough Melton, $429,000.

Roger H. and Lara Brown sold property, a portion of 26 East St., Lenox, to Alan E. and Martha E. Joyner, $500.

Stanley Lim, trustee of Cliffwood RT, sold property at 130 Cliffwood St., Lenox, to Mathew and Mary Conrad Lo, $325,000.

William H. Jr. and Donna J. Crawford sold property at 2 Crystal St., Lenox, to Joshua A. and Lauren D. Davidson, trustees of Davidson Family NT, $350,000.

Restorations Inc. sold property at 21 High St., Lenox, to Gateway Residential Investment Properties LLC, $132,500.


Keith Watson and Maryann Watson sold property at 129 Hayes Hill Road, New Marlborough, to Donna Silk and Joshua Silk, $286,250.

Douglas J. Mackenzie sold property at Aberdeen Lane, New Marlborough, to Shannon Foster, $80,000.


Jay W. and Terri Piantoni Cooper sold property at 330 Rear West Main St., North Adams, to Tammy J. Larabee, $122,000.

David R. Moresi sold property at 42-44 Arnold Place, North Adams, to Berkshire Medical Center Inc., $134,000.

Daniel Cellana sold property at 63 North St., North Adams, to Bruce H. Bjork and Deirdre A. Jones, $203,750.

Leonard F. Ziarnik sold property at 83 Park Ave., North Adams, to Collin and Kayla Murdock, $138,000.

David J. Valego a/k/a David J. Valego II sold property at 84 Washington Ave., North Adams, to Leonard R. Pader, $126,189.


Donna M. Lewis and William E. Lewis Jr. sold property at 555 West Center Road, Otis, to Heath A. Piester and KayLee E. Bellamy, $290,000.

Michael and Theresia Arad sold property at 752 Algerie Road, Otis, to Edward Lloyd and Lelia Amalfitano, $273,000.


Mountain Stream LLC sold property at Haskell Road, Peru, to Denise Caceci, $39,900.

Lysander B. and Lisa D. Bone sold property at 99 Middlefield Road, Peru, to Mark E. and Beckey Lin Daley, $335,000.

David and Michele J. Grant sold property at 77 August Smith Road, Peru, to Daniel and Tracy Kenney, $450,000.


Karen R. Lavoie and Senta L. Brodeaur, trustees of the PGM NT, sold property at 166 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Phourasamy and Elaine X. Cook, $208,000.

PNC Bank N.A. and Robert J. and Sheriann F. Stanton sold property at 7-11 Plunkett St., Pittsfield, to PNC Bank N.A., $64,400.

Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency and Richard A. Jr. and Dale A. Smith sold property at 121 Dorchester Ave., Pittsfield, to Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, $86,160.71.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. and Margie R. Jacobs sold property at 8 King St., Pittsfield, to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $33,620.

Rocco R. Errichetto III sold property at 33 Perrine Ave., Pittsfield, to Rocco R. Errichetto Jr., $160,000.

Narciza Perez sold property at 82 & 84 Madison Ave., Pittsfield, to Madalina A. Duta Dominguez, $65,975.

Rosemary L. Larkin sold property at 175 Tamarack Road, Pittsfield, to Benjamin W. and Rebecca G. Prew, $247,000.

Josh A. Bennett sold property at 152 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicholas Paleologos and Patricia Worth, $200,000.

Lisa Mlynarczyk, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Barbara A. Cocito, sold property at 80 McIntosh Drive, Pittsfield, to Scott W. Nimons, $162,000.

Jeffrey A. Leppo and Marjorie Safran sold property at 71 South Church St., Unit N304, Pittsfield, to Yuki Cohen and Tiffany Hong, $240,000.

Jason L. Artioli sold property at 30 Massachusetts Ave., Pittsfield, to Heather M. Eulian, Trustee of the JUCE NT, $195,000.

Eric M. and Erminio G. Ferrarin sold property at 21 Lombard St., Pittsfield, to Walter R. Cooper Jr. and Yuan Cooper, $113,000.

Katherine C. Demarco sold property at 133 Mountain Drive, Pittsfield, to Philip Rachwal, $250,000.

Luis H. Villacis sold property at 66-68 North Pearl St., Pittsfield, to Magdalena De Jesus Larios-Reyes and Jose J. Bonilla Larios, $135,000.

Stacy L. Boivin sold property at 52 Wilson St., Pittsfield, to Randy Spaniol and Mallory Clyde, $139,900.

Mark A. Lange Sr. and Debra A. Lange sold property at 62 Churchill Crest, Unit 62, Pittsfield, to Alan and Mary Chris Bassman, $179,000.

Robert M. Fuster Sr., trustee of the 122 Longview Terrace NT, sold property at 122 Longview Terrace, Pittsfield, to Luciene C. Defreitas Santos and Edson Cicero Dos Santos, $210,000.

Therese Michaud, trustee of the Gaetan M. Michaud RVT of 2010, sold property at 279 Francis Ave., Pittsfield, to Oral Willis, $63,250.

David A. and Bonita A. Lachowski sold property at 43 Fairfield St., Pittsfield, to Kristina Cormier, $162,000.

Laurie A. Casna sold property at 103 Spadina Parkway, Pittsfield, to Kevin C. Reis, $248,000.

Gary L. and Carol D. Kickery sold property at 29 Murphy Place, Pittsfield, to Rebecca Elizabeth Robbins, $185,000.

Ellen M. and David C. Sutherland and Joanne C. Sutherland Spence sold property at 100 Anita Drive, Pittsfield, to David C. Sutherland, $100,000.

Paul J. and Suzanne M. Oparowski sold property at 351 West St., Pittsfield, to 351 West LLC, $115,000.

Wilford R. and Kathleen G. Hazelett sold property at 63 Cleveland St., Pittsfield, to Cody Christopher Johnson and Emily Christine Chin, $220,000.

Brad E. and Karen J. Williams sold property at 136 Elberon Ave., Pittsfield, to Sandra Jean Tynan, $235,000.

Eileen F. Christman sold property at 117 Jason St., Pittsfield, to Lane L. Niedrauer, $230,000.

Marilyn B. McAlister sold property at 73 LeRoi Drive, Pittsfield, to Ryan T. and Carla D. Cowdrey, $250,000.

Thomas A. and Gary M. Dubois sold property at 4 Hillcrest Ave., Pittsfield, to Mary S. Wright, $181,000.


John K. and Kathleen W. Bradbury sold property at 15 New State Road, Savoy, to Jayson K. and Arleigh M. Cooper, $160,000.


Sharon M. Schroepfer sold property at 1624 County Road, Sheffield, to Melissa Bassett, $315,000.

Yeli Y. Arango sold property at 234 Clayton Road, Sheffield, to Joseph R. Baker and Maria del Carmen Silva-Baker, $335,000.

Warren R. Wilcox sold property at Hulett Hill Road, Sheffield, and Brewer Branch Road, New Marlborough, to G. Morven Allen a/k/a Morven Allen, $214,000.

Albin S. Rothermel and Bertha L. Rothermel sold property at 635 North Main St., Sheffield, to Jeromine J. Scott and Michelle J. Farnum, $293,000.


Gary and Janet Wiens sold property at 19 Glendale Middle Road, Stockbridge, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $187,165.32.

Michael W. Hall sold property at 6 South St., Stockbridge, to Michael and Mary Cavanaugh, $275,000.

Jeffrey Gardner, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Ronnie Roberts a/k/a Roslyn Ronnie Roberts a/k/a Ronnie Cutler a/k/a Roslyn Roberts sold property at 54 Interlaken Road and Interlaken Road, Stockbridge, to Yaroslav Shukel and Elizabeth Coffey, $225,000.

Howard and Judith Levin sold property at 23 Hawthorne Road, Unit 14B, Stockbridge, to Paul E. and Suzanne Blond Hanau, $580,000.


Thomas C. and Jean E. Heiss sold property at 7 Stonebridge Way, Tyringham, to Michael and June C. Powell, $372,000.


Robert L. Singleton and L. Scott Singleton sold property at 20 Glendale Road, West Stockbridge, to Jerry P. Queen and Tamara S. Thoms Queen, $998,000.


Norman E. Sweet III sold property at 51 Sloan Road, Williamstown, to Kaare Francis, $87,000.

Bruce L. Whitney sold property at 16-18 Grundy Court, Williamstown, to ENL LLC, $375,000.


Patrick W. and Marilyn G. Burke sold property at 715 North St., Windsor, to Rocco R. Errichetto III and Kelly Harper, $379,900.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.