JULY 22-26


Edward S. Biros sold property at 42 East Hoosac St., Adams, to Frederic D. Owens and David M. Owens-Branco, $87,500.

Neil Wong sold property at 125-127 Columbia St., Adams, to Kamonkwan Tongmusick and David Oshman, $90,000.

Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 3 School St., Adams, to Kristen Terfry, $48,160.


U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, and David R. Bolduc sold property at 50 Maple St., Becket, to U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, $99,000.

Hans J. and Fadila Gotzmann, trustees of the Hans J. Gotzmann and Fadila Gotzmann Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 39 Spruce Drive, Becket, to Bradley A. and Alison L. Palser, $307,500.


Jennifer L. Senecal sold property at 5 Henderson Road, Clarksburg, to Albert H. Borey, $113,400.


A. Bruce Clapper sold property at 44 Florence St., Dalton, to Louis W. Doyle, $172,000.

Richard E. and Katherine M. Carty sold property at 217 South St., Dalton, to Benjamin M. and Jessica Strout, $180,000.


Beatrice Holdings LLC sold property at 15 Oxbow Road, Egremont, to Oscar Boyko and Bridget Hagan, $250,000.

David A. Pott and Alix Von Auenmueller sold property at 119 Egremont Plain Road, Egremont, to Christina Van Hengel and Charles Miller, $480,000.


Christopher M. Bullett sold property at 5 Tilda Hill Road, Florida, to Bryan H. and Sabrina A. Rennell, $57,500.


Adrian P. Lichter a/k/a Adrian Lichter, Ann H. Lichter a/k/a Ann Lichter and Peter Campbell sold property at 357 North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Christian C. Walker and Jennifer L. Traxler, $395,000.

Susan G. Segall sold property at Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Jan B. Wojcik and Ruby Chang, $160,000.

William Scott Harwood, trustee of Diana F. Harwood Revocable Trust, sold property at 98 Division St., Great Barrington, to Granville House LLC, $740,000.

Anna Hartung Milkowski and Stefan Antoni Milkowski sold property at 213 Oak St. North, Great Barrington, to Luigi Taliercio, $287,500.

Stacey Gibbs f/k/a Stacey B. Stockfisch sold property at 23 Mechanic St., Great Barrington, to Jorge Cedeno Roman and Nataly Marquez, $235,000.


Robert J. Zaniboni sold property at 90-92 Main St., Hinsdale, to Gigliotti Enterprises LLC, $10,000.

Hinsdale Recreation Association Inc. sold property at Longview Avenue, Hinsdale, to Town of Hinsdale, $25,000.


Jeffrey S. Taylor sold property at 180 Narragansett Ave., Lanesborough, to John H. Crane III and Denise Crane, $100,000.

Howard and Denise Marshall, successor trustees of the Nine Profile Street Nominee Realty Trust sold property at 9 Profile St., Lanesborough, to Robert A. Cartier and Christofer L. Harrison, $97,000.


Thomas E. Touponce, trustee of the AJT Realty Trust, sold property at 905 Pleasant St., Lee, to 905 Pleasant Street LLC, $450,000.

Jennifer Somerville sold property at 1610 Pleasant St., Lee, to Christopher H. Greendale, $270,000.

Laurie A. Fitzpatrick sold property at 156 Summer St., Lee, to Megan Sanders, $240,000.


US Bank National Association as trustee sold property at 26 Gallup St., North Adams, to Thomas D. Murphy, $75,500.

Tallage Lincoln LLC sold property at 61 Tyler St., North Adams, to Chad Drigo, $36,000.

John and Andrea S. Hockridge sold property at 1020 Old Mohawk Trail, North Adams, to Andrew Bott, $197,942.


Rosanne M. Altrows and Linda S. Streeter sold property at 62 Pinnacle Road, Otis, to Christopher T. Ives, $160,000.


Lahoussine Oubtrou sold property at 46-48 Ashley St., Pittsfield, to Zheni M. Verdugo Seminario and Marco Duran Rodriguez, $151,000.

Brian and Tammy Arseneau sold property at 18 Charisma Drive, Pittsfield, to Allen and Rosalind Kopfstein, $498,500.

Sandra A. Bonnell sold property at 325 Benedict Road, Pittsfield, to Mary Rose Croshier and Benjamin L. and Emily J. Griffin, $100,000.

Michelle M. Kuklewicz, trustee of the Mary M. Huska 2010 FT, sold property at 27 McAllister St., Pittsfield, to Shane Aitken, $147,500.

Dennis J. and Ann Duquette sold property at 36 South Carolina Ave., Pittsfield, to Marc R. and Brittany L. Bourassa, $150,000.

FLIPFLOPWWS Inc. sold property at 248 Robbins Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert V. Donnelly Jr., $129,900.

Melissa Garcia, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Linda Ann Davis, sold property at 34 Franklin St., Pittsfield, to Christopher E. Giardina, $45,000.

Arthur and Colleen A. Catalano, trustees of the Arthur Catalano and Colleen A. Catalano RVT, sold property at 36 Dutchess Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael F. McNeil, $132,000.

Martin M. Gelacio sold property at 101 Elaine Drive, Pittsfield, to Martin B. Layton, $147,500.

Brad J. Felix sold property at 12-14 Maud St., Pittsfield, to Francese Family Realty LLC, $60,000.

Robert Belcher sold property at 48 Fairfield St., Pittsfield, to David A. and Laura E. Nelson, $162,000.

Mary J. Hebert sold property at 59 Pollock Ave., Pittsfield, to Scott W. and Mary C. Haviland, $240,000.

Olmsted Realty LLC sold property at 175 Highland Ave., Pittsfield, to Lyndsay M. Cimini-Waldron and Matthew W. Waldron, $140,000.

Alan and Mary Chris Bassman sold property at 64 Churchill Crest, Unit 64, Pittsfield, to Cheryl A. Ricci, $169,900.

Sara A. Fischer, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Cheryl A. Fischer, sold property at 47 Exeter Ave., Pittsfield, to Gregory J. Viner, $125,000.

Robert Sr. and Margaret L. Rahilly sold property at 15 Dwight St., Pittsfield, to Michael F. Rahilly, $93,750.

Sean T. Underhill sold property at 76 Cambridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Sergio O. and Katie M. Torres, $220,000.

Crystal M. Bradley f/k/a Crystal M. Kruszyna sold property at 55 Peck's Road, Pittsfield, to Michael L. Hyland, $119,900.

Brian L. and Judith B. Sperling sold property at 28 Jayne Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicholaus S. and Crystal M. Bradley, $179,900.

Kevin F. Higgins sold property at 41-43 Howard St., Pittsfield, to Barbara Reich, $116,600.


Robin Adair Prechter, trustee of the Robert Von Allmen Revocable Trust of 2011, sold property at 21 Willow Road, Richmond, to Anthony J. Mazzeo Jr. and Kristina M. Wadsworth, $129,000.


James J. Mercer, trustee of Bart Nominee Realty Trust, and Margaret C. Fitch sold property at 169 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, to Mark Massini, trustee of Fitch Nominee Realty Trust, $55,000.

Henry T.K. Paxson Jr. sold property at 1105 Home Road, Sheffield, to Megan C. King and Elizabeth A. Stone, $285,000.


Robert L. and L. Scott Singleton sold property at 20 Glendale Road, Stockbridge, to Jerry P. and Tamara S. Thomas Queen, $998,000.


Kittisak and Phetchara Khajornchaisak sold property at 301 Henderson Road, Williamstown, to Mark D. Miller and Paula C. Foye, $169,900.

Bravo LLC sold property at 1146 Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, to Maria Harrison, trustee of the Maria Harrison Trust, $1,000,000.

Greylock Federal Credit Union sold property at 114 Bridges Road, Williamstown, to Roger and Joan M. Larocca, $110,000.

Richard and Arlene Hespos sold property at 207 South Hemlock Lane, Williamstown, to Lara R. Yeager-Crasselt, Jost Crasselt and Stanley G. Yeager, $150,000.


Francis A. and Michelle A. Biros, David A. Randall, Paula M. Randall f/k/a Paula M. Zieba sold property at 77 Windsor Pond Road, Windsor, to Sean F. Anderson, $60,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.