JULY 6-10


Wilmington Savings Fund Society, trustee, sold property at 8 Albert St., Adams, to Peak Texas Properties LLC, $23,154.

Town Crest Property Group LLC sold property at 29-31 Orchard St., Adams, to Kimberly A. Vieu, $154,241.37.


Patrick T. and Angela S. Grumley sold property at 167 Bonny Rigg Hill Road, Becket, to Andrew Wood, $395,000.

Kurt K. Larsen sold property at 495 King Richard Drive, Becket, to Robert M. Fuster Jr. and Tatiana S. Fuster, $175,000.

Randall Chapman sold property at 10 Old Abbey Lane, Becket, to William McNerney, $37,000.

Sadie Mecca sold property at 275 Maid Marian Lane, Becket, to Mary Madeline Muddiman, $195,000.

Anthony Wesolowski sold property at King Richard Drive, Becket, to Ilya Tunitsky, $12,000.

Larissa H. Carlson, trustee of the Patricia B. Carlson RVT, sold property at 375 Wells Road, Becket, to Kevin Brown, $136,000.


David J. and Elaine B. Thorne sold property at 14 Patricia Ave., Dalton, to Eric R. and Michelle M. Furlong, $330,000.


Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 37 Central Shaft Road, Florida, to David G. C. Drum and Molly C.Y. Hess, $21,000.

Margaret, Gail and Fred Larabee sold property at Tilda Hill Road and Blackstone Road, Florida, to Donald and Mary Ferron, $40,000.


Kenneth J. Habarta and Erica Randlett-Habarta sold property at 103 East St., Great Barrington, to John S. Beyer Jr. and Elizabeth R. Beyer, $325,000.

Dale L. Alden and Sandra J. Alden sold property at North Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Great Barrington Affordable Housing Trust Fund, $175,000.

Geoffrey H. Perkins and Carmen Anita Dockery Perkins sold property at 230 Prospect St., Great Barrington, to Matthew C. Adams and Serena Naramore, $335,000.


Donald J. and Barbara A. Leblanc sold property at 120 Henry Drive, Hinsdale, to Rosana Holdings LLC, $80,000.


B&E Land Development LLC sold property at Old Ore Bed Road, Lanesborough, to Town of Lanesborough, $75,000.

Matthew J. Krell sold property at 169 Summer St., Lanesborough, to Ian R. and Susan D. Warren, $250,000.


Doreen A. Rushbrook sold property at 70 Silver St., Lee, to Jairo Castillo, $205,000.

David J. Durante sold property at 239 Chanterwood Road, Lee, to Jonathan David Brass, $620,000.

Sheryl Johnson, trustee of the W. & M. Johnson Family East Center Street Real Estate Trust, sold property at 87 East Center St., Lee, to Jay Pickett, $208,923.45.


Jason W. Smegal sold property at 221 Pittsfield Road, Lenox, to Matthew J. Merritt IV, $150,000.

Paul J. Zelinke IV and Sarah B. Zelinke sold property at 42 Hawthorne St., Lenox, to Peter W. Toran and Barbara A. Babb, $530,000.


Samuel Estreicher and Aleta G. Estreicher sold property at 605 Main Road, Monterey, to Paul O'Reilly Hyland, $460,000.


John P. Verones Jr. and Patricia H. Verones sold property at 412 West St., Mount Washington, to Annelise Robey, $599,000.


Jonathan D. Brodie and Elyse R. Brodie sold property at 781 Hotchkiss Road, New Marlborough, to Deborah B. Curtis, $337,500.


Jay J. Wright sold property at 58-60 Central Ave., North Adams, to Leonard R. Pader, $198,900.


Ann F. Sullivan sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Patricia Hamilton, $40,000.

Richard McMahon and Marie Grabher sold property at Route 8, Otis, to Debra A. Marquis, $70,000.

Walter H. and Shari M. Edelstein, trustees of the Walter H. Edelstein & Shari M. Edelstein Living Trust, sold property at 80 Harrington Road, Otis, to Dimitri and Gloria Mamokhin, $332,500.


Michael F. McNeil sold property at 36 Dutchess Ave., Pittsfield, to Alexander T. Belanger, $214,900.

Anthony C. and Melissa S. Mazzeo sold property at 93 Gravesleigh Terrace, Pittsfield, to Barton Raser, $725,000.

Mary M. Waananen sold property at 66 Harryel St., Pittsfield, to Edward Thomas and Betsy Blair, $239,500.

Karen F. Ovitt Massana, formerly known as Karen F. Ovitt, formerly known as Karen F. Berti, sold property at 57 Greendale Ave., Pittsfield, to Taylor C. Johnson, $126,000.

Courtney P. Allender, personal rep. of the Estate of Karen A. Allender, sold property at 3 Joan Drive, Pittsfield, to Matthew T. and Arline L. Jacoby, $165,000.

IBT Investments LLC sold property at 230 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to Matthew M. Vogel, $160,000.

Sonia M. Barile, formerly known as Sonia M. Orenstein, sold property at 10 Anita Drive, Pittsfield, to Lucian Radu Radulescu, $158,500.

Eric M. Lefebvre sold property at 92 Turner Ave., Pittsfield, to Brandon Williams, $94,000.

Margaret Lennox and Michael Zecchin sold property at 2 Cynthia Lane, Pittsfield, to Christine M. and Daniel P. Burke, trustees of the Burke Family NT, $215,000.

Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 305 Onota St., Pittsfield, to Nicolena V. Galloway, $168,450.

Deborah P. Francis, personal rep. of the Estate of Fay Janet Henry, sold property at 390 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Helene P. Robillard, $182,500.

Diane M. Simonelli and Paul F. Clark, trustee of the Phyllis E. Nichols Trust, sold property at 36 Pontoosuc Ave., Pittsfield, to Scott M. Nichols, $150,000.

Nicholas Cazavelan sold property at 21 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, to Angel Leigh Christiana, $127,000.

Craig E. Smith sold property at 1005A North St., Unit 3, Pittsfield, to Patrick A. Lebourdais, $133,000.

Brian Seldal II sold property at 10 Maryland Ave., Pittsfield, to Laura-Lynn Sabrina Dear, $125,000.

Dawn Marie Sofia Decristo sold property at 15 Rhode Island Ave., Pittsfield, to Kyle R. Betters, $161,000.

Eric Matthew Lefebvre sold property at 13 Vivian Ave., Pittsfield, to Jake William Brodeur, $102,500.

Woodmont Development Corp. sold property at 34-35 Westbrook and Old Farm Road, Pittsfield, to Andrew Raymond and Michele Marie Manzer, $50,000.

Robert J. and Susan J. Uliasz sold property at 26 Kathy Way, Pittsfield, to Brian C. and Sarah A. Uliasz, $375,000.


Tereza Hubkova sold property at 148 Cross Road, Richmond, to Eliza Bobek, Daniel Ramirez, Molly Bobek and David Robles, $315,000.


Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at 5 Cronk Road, Sheffield, to Sandra Sergeant, $177,500.

Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at Cronk Road, Sheffield, to Richard E. Duffy Sr. and Marie Duffy, $89,900.

Timothy D. Schroepfer and Erica L. Schroepfer sold property at 249 Boardman St., Sheffield, to Anthony Raggiri and Lisa Raggiri, $616,000.


Tereza Hubkova sold property at 148 Cross Road, West Stockbridge & Richmond, to Eliza Bobek and Daniel Ramirez and to Molly Bobek and David Robles, $315,000.

Thomas M. Miller and Nicole L. Miller sold property at 11 Woodruff Road, West Stockbridge, to Jason Nicholas Rosa and Lauren Elizabeth Pacifico, $417,500.

John C. Lavalette, trustee of Shadow Realty Trust, sold property at 3 Lenox Road, West Stockbridge, to Elaine Cohen, trustee of the Steven P. Cohen Family Trust, $187,500.


Jay S. and Nancy K. Ehle sold property at Sweet Farm Road, Williamstown, to Nicholas G. and Ann K. Carr, $80,000.


Kif Thacker sold property at 7 Windsor Bush Road, Windsor, to Jacob Joel and Elizabeth Hope Williams, $284,900.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.