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JUNE 22-26


John and Ashley McLean sold property at 1 Burns Lane, Adams, to Andrew J. Harmon, $274,000.


David L. & Heidi H. Renauld sold property at Moberg Road, Becket, to Jan Poklad, $8,000.

Edward Laforest & Patricia Clemons sold property at Little John Drive, Becket, to Steven Blascak & Paula Cianfarani, $10,000.


Steven J. Brewer sold property at 86 High St., Dalton, to Steven P. LaRochelle & Taylor Hebert, $140,000.

Timothy Zink & Karen Vosburgh, trustees of the Zink FT, sold property at 33 Oak St., Dalton, to Scott A. & Ashley L. Von Richthofen, $156,000.

Jeffrey Alan and Michele Diane Ducharme sold property at 44 Westview Drive, Dalton, to Livernay Vasallo and Denise Marrero-Vasallo, $320,000.

Catherine A. Grunow sold property at 46 Claremont Road, Dalton, to Mitchell B. and Emily J. Cooper, $322,500.


Bernard Stollman and Ingrid Stollman sold property at 23 McGee Road, Egremont, to Matthieu O. Wharmby and Jewelle Taylor, $715,000.

Maung Ba Win and Judith D. Win sold property at 12 Blunt Road, Egremont, to 12 Blunt Holdings LLC, $251,000.


Christopher Vlcek and Jamie Y. Vleck sold property at 10 Highland Drive, Great Barrington, to Christopher J. Farrell and Fiona McDonagh Farrell, $905,000.

Charles Christopher Brown sold property at 30 Copper Beach Lane, Unit 3E, Great Barrington, to David M. Tully, $507,000.

Borshoff LLC sold property at 54 Castle St., Great Barrington, to Robert Hartwell, $379,000.

Thomas James Burnham and Sarah Beth Percival sold property at 51 East St., Great Barrington, to Ryan Sears, $242,000.

Powerhouse Square I LLC sold property at 34 Bridge St., Unit 205, Residences at Powerhouse Square I Condominium, Great Barrington, to Mark B. Manton and Marcella Manton, $375,000.

David S. Yaffe sold property at 25 Egremont Plain Road, Great Barrington, to Marjorie H. Wallis and Richard A. Wallis, $335,000.

Fred B. Malamet sold property at 14 Laurel St., Great Barrington, to Philip Domenico, $325,000.

Cathy M. Torrico and Beverly A. Dunn a/k/a Beverly Ann Dunn, trustees of Great Haven Realty Trust, sold property at 18 Fairview Terrace, Great Barrington, to Keith A. Hausknecht and Gail L. Hausknecht, $280,000.


Charles Malin sold property at 218 Whitman Road, Hancock, to Tyler Purdy, $420,000.


Kristie A. Liccardi sold property at 28 Bridge St., Hinsdale, to Shaun M. Becker and Dona M. Fresia, $137,000.


Charles V. and Debra A. Sinopoli and Bernard A. and Susan G. Lopez sold property at 200 Narragansett Ave., Lanesborough, to Hans C. and Kristin E. Carlson, $346,700.

Walter F. Schlech and Eimear M. O'Loughlin sold property at 90 Brodie Mountain Road, Lanesborough, to William Sweeney and Christin Fetterolf, $500,000.

Larry Byrnes sold property at 175 South Main St., Lanesborough, to Thomas and Debora Berger, $160,000.

Sharon M. Peltier sold property at 15 Silver St., Lanesborough, to Diana Noble, $379,900.


Maria & Joseph Disaverio sold property at 5 Yokun Brook Drive, Lenox, to Anna Biasin Zaffanella, $420,000.

Hakob & Kristine Vardanyan sold property at 38 Birchwood Lane, Lenox, to Damon L. Fowler & Elizabeth E. Joppru Fowler, $375,000.

Alexandra L. Demastrie sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit B06, Lenox, to Leonard M. & Marjorie T. Gold, $115,000.

Garter Inn Management LLC sold property at 51 & 59 Walker St., Lenox, to Gateways Inn Properties LLC, $1,000,000.

U.S. Bank Trust N.A., trustee, sold property at 175 New Lenox Road, Lenox, to John H. Martino, $165,375.

U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, and Kathleen E. and Richard M. Shove, sold property at 8 Crystal St., Lenox, to U.S. Bank N.A., trustee, $129,709.30.

Kyle Chambers and Elizabeth Peacock-Chambers sold property at 23 Lime Kiln Road, Lenox, to Jesse G. and Paulina M. Houldsworth, $495,500.


Glenda Brooks, personal rep. for the Estate of Crystal A. Brooks, sold property at 15 Hermon Ave., North Adams, to Edsel LLC, $47,500.

US Bank Trust N.A., trustee, sold property at 30 Charles St., North Adams, to Mikayel Balyan, $23,277.

Joseph R. Ellsworth sold property at 404-406 River St., North Adams, to Michael A. Banks, $75,000.

Laura J. Sharp sold property at 129 West Main St., North Adams, to Clayton G. Collette Jr. and Emily M. Collette, $123,000.

Jordan R. Rennell and Aaron J. Rennell sold property at 132 Barth St., North Adams, to Christopher W. Tolar and Sasha A. Piatczyc, $210,000.

Bonnie Hayden, personal rep. for the Estate of Barbara Jane Hayden, sold property at 543 State Road, North Adams, to Tracy L. Steele, $112,000.

Bonnie J. Howland sold property at 11 Bryant St., North Adams, to Alexander S. Coulter and Jennifer A. Martinez, $155,500.

Sandy Beach Realty LLC sold property at 288 East Main St., North Adams, to Anthony D. Demaio, $125,000.


Robert L. & Eleanor Berube sold property at Klondike Campground, Otis, to Clifford W. & Karen Brelsford, $75,500.

U.S. Bank Trust N.A., trustee, sold property at 560 East Otis Road, Otis, to Thomas Crowe, $37,500.

James & Lynn Brandolini sold property at 118 Telephone Road, Otis, to Jonathan S. Singer & Karen Lee Johnson, $625,000.

Sandra M. Trudeau sold property at 37 Reservoir Heights Road, Otis, to Richard C. & Dora G. Bleier, $100,000.


James P. Martin sold property at 34 West Main Road, Peru, to Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue Inc., $499,500.


Alexander B. & Mary L. Gillman, formerly known as Mary L. Hansen, sold property at 12 Chester St., Pittsfield, to Eliot J. Deleo, $196,900.

Arthur Elmer Sykes Jr. sold property at 80 Dodge Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael S. Connors, $121,500.

David & Kayla M. Kickery, formerly known as Kayla M. Farrell, sold property at 32 Birch Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to Matthew R. Rodowicz, $245,000.

Patricia Luiz, personal rep. of the Estate of William J. Rupprecht, sold property at 92 Cummings Ave., Pittsfield, to Justin Canfield, $165,600.

Ronald F. & Patricia M. Kelley sold property at 26 Jeffrey Drive, Pittsfield, to Daniel J. Scorpa & John M. Scorpa, $182,000.

Lindsey Reilly, now known as Lindsey MacDowell, sold property at 140 Newell St., Pittsfield, to David W. Kirsimagi, $187,560.

Jay A. McDermott sold property at 202 Dewey Ave., Pittsfield, to 202 Dewey LLC, $230,000.

William J. Dellea, trustee of the Family Trust, under the Rosemary C. Dellea Trust, sold property at 48 Commonwealth Ave., Pittsfield, to William J. Dellea & David H. McCracken, $255,000.

Duta Real Estate LLC sold property at 58 Hillcrest Ave., Pittsfield, to Nicholas M. Masiero, $247,000.

Justin Coniglio, trustee of the Justin RET, sold property at 535 Tyler St., Pittsfield, to Nikunj Saluja & Nipun Saluja, $55,000.

Martha Ann Wiley sold property at 11 Applewood Lane, Pittsfield, to Patricia M. Winkle, $263,750.

Jay A. & Jennifer G. McDermott sold property at 195 Francis Ave., Pittsfield, to 195 Francis LLC, $100,000.

Joan Marie Dassat, personal rep. of the Estate of Clementine J. Brothers, sold property at 15 Morningview Drive, Pittsfield, to David S. Yaffe, $195,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund FSB, trustee, sold property at 5-7 Wallace Place, Pittsfield, to Tim Zhang, $29,900.


Valeri A. Reynolds sold property at 351 West Road, Richmond, to Barry T. & Ilyse C. Leibowitz, $685,000.


Jesse B. Conklin a/k/a Jesse Brooks Conklin and Eleanor S. Conklin sold property at 398 Weatogue Road, Sheffield, to Christopher C. Grisanti and Suzanne P. Fawbush, $1,200,000.


Edward F. Keon Jr. and Patricia Kennelly, trustees of the Edward F. Keon Jr. RT and the Patricia Kennelly RT, sold property at 19 Lakeview Drive, Stockbridge, to David L. Mintz and Ann Marie Mintz, $535,000.


Paul B. Kopperly, trustee of Habb Realty Trust, sold property at 6 Deer Hill Road, West Stockbridge, to Eric Hudson, $720,000.


Victor F. Lamb Jr., trustee of the Victor F. Lamb Jr. 2018 RT, sold property at 256 Sand Springs Road, Williamstown, to George M. and Nancy V. Apkin, $180,000.

Daryl A. Cronin and Martha A. Roberts sold property at 26 Stoney Ledge Road, Williamstown, to Walter F. Schlech and Eimear M. O'Laughlin, $790,000.

J. Patrice Cohoon sold property at Sweet Farm Road, Williamstown, to Nicola Karen and William Ryan Macewen, $88,000.

Cheryl Wendling sold property at 526 North Hoosac Road, Williamstown, to Shannon Doyle, $169,000.


Douglas E. and Susan B. Edwards sold property at 597 Savoy Hollow Road, Windsor, to Erin Lisa Folloni, $419,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.


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