MAY 20-24


Alliance Properties LLC sold property at 20 Anthony St., Adams, to Griffin and Jennifer D. Labbance, $244,000.


Matthew Barlow and Patricia Barlow f/k/a Patricia King-Davies sold property at 690 McNerney Road, Becket, to Ann Valiante, $28,000.

Charles E. and Marilyn J. Chey sold property at Mallard Drive, Becket, to Gary F. Geiger and Mary E. Sliech, $45,000.

Robert and Leila G. Strassler sold property at 204 Chippewa Drive, Becket, to Richard E. Fredricks Jr. and Laura J. Fredricks, $355,000.


Francis A. Waterman Jr. and Jennifer L. Waterman sold property at 122 Church St., Cheshire, to Eugene A. and Erica M. LeGrand, $145,000.

Phyllis R. Phillips sold property at 123 Lakeshore Drive, Cheshire, to Ellen J. Latakas, $338,000.

Brian E. and Linda G. Johnson and Ricky R. Gurney sold property at Greylock Mountain Road, Cheshire, to Ricky R. and Stacey J. Gurney, $20,000.


Laura Lyn Mooney sold property at 501 North Eagle St., Clarksburg, to Kodey W. Bryce and Kathleen H. Knox, $164,900.


Wayne D. and Bessie A. Canedy, Trustees of the Wayne D. Canedy 2004 RVT and the Bessie A. Canedy 2004 RVT, sold property at 7 Whippoorwill Lane, Dalton, to Brian C. and Margaret D. Eseppi, $365,000.

Isabel Grossman sold property at 568 Red Barn Road, Unit 36, Dalton, to Perry L. and Marcie S. Mintz, $520,000.

Richard A. and Stacy D. Litke sold property at 761 Grange Hall Road, Dalton, to Amanda Mae Staples, $415,000.


Albert Christiana sold property at Hillsdale Road, Egremont, to Thomas A. Race, Trustee of Terra Ferma Nominee Realty Trust, $260,000.

Lanny Fields and Barbara Fields sold property at 10 Blunt Road, Egremont, to Simon J.K. Miller, $595,000.


Andrew A. Fink and Gretchen Strong, f/k/a Gretchen M. Fink sold property at 9 Francis Ave., Great Barrington, to Ranakdevi Londoner and John A. Londoner, $224,000.


Linda B. Marks sold property at 9312 Mountainside Condo, Corey Road, Hancock, to Thomas A. and Melissa A. Davidson, $415,000.


Ronald W. Carver Sr. sold property at 100 Creamery Road, Hinsdale, to Ron W. Carver Jr., $320,000.

Ronald E. and Ellen M. Jones, Trustees of the 318 Maple Street Nominee RT, sold property at 455 Maple St., Hinsdale, to Fred R. Limburg, $465,000.


Marie Miller Cernik, Kenneth Burnett Miller and Timothy Gilson Miller sold property at 155 Narragansett Ave., Lanesborough, to Marie Miller Cernik and Timothy Gilson Miller, $90,000.

Claire E. Kristensen sold property at 25 Roanoke St., Lanesborough, to Tierney L. Carlson, $174,000.


Origen Lee LLC and Pranav Inc. sold property at 200 Laurel St., Lee, to Origen Lee LLC, $750,000.

Richard A. and Roberta Lee Katz, Trustees of the Richard A. Katz RVT, sold property at 880 East St., Unit 3C, Lee, to Deborah A. Kellogg, $220,000.

Ryan S. Lucy sold property at 1000 Cape St., Lee, to Michael G. and Carisa F. Vincent, $290,000.


Peter Gizzi, Personal Rep. of the Estate of Thomas M. Gizzi, sold property at Walker Street, Unit 6, Lenox, to Amy Consolati, $137,000.

Hans-Juergen Reiche sold property at 38 Bracelan Court, Lenox, to Denis E. and Melissa J. Guyer, $448,000.

Stanley E. and Joan Graff sold property at 260 Pittsfield Road, Unit E-3, Lenox, to Arthur C. III and Linda R. Johnson, $138,000.

Judith E. Fox sold property at 5 Wexford Court, Unit 29, Lenox, to Gary Goldsmith, $304,500.


Beckerman Balken sold property at New Marlborough Monterey Road, Route 57, New Marlborough, to David Dempsey, $25,000.


Scott J. Miller sold property at 17 Wesleyan St., North Adams, to Gregory D. and Jennifer S. Kerwood, $129,900.

Sandra A Hotte sold property at 36 Autumn Drive, North Adams, to Robert A. and Pauline Davis, $268,200.

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FAP Properties XXII LLC sold property at 159 Ashland St., North Adams, to BCI Realty LLC, $200,625.

Daniel Kinburn and Susan L. Hall sold property at 10 Holden St., North Adams, to Roger Gibboni and Linda M. Dulye, $76,000.

Michael A. Crosier and Jami-Lynn Pytko sold property at 81 George Ave., North Adams, to Jacky Gutt and Debra Plafker-Gutt, $200,000.

Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Association sold property at 783 West Shaft Road, North Adams, to Kenneth M. Myers, $139,000.


Patricia M. and David H. Pratt, Trustees of the Lion Hill Nominee RT, sold property at 416 Lion Hill Road, Otis, to Yu Liang and James J. Taub, $380,000.


James J. Chanen sold property at 50 Taylor St., Pittsfield, to Jennifer D. Pelkey, $176,000.

Alliance Properties LLC and Cory M. Evangelisto sold property at 17 Maple Grove Drive, Pittsfield, to David E. Hitchcock Sr., $51,500.

DNC Real Estate LLC sold property at 299 Wahconah St., Pittsfield, to Abdel Aziz Adjao-Affissou, $160,000.

Colleen A. Passetto sold property at 238 Francis Ave., Pittsfield, to Wayne M. West, $79,800.

Suzanne M. Desmond sold property at 683 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Jason Daniel Hubbard, $137,000.

Christopher J. and Mallory DiMarco sold property at 338 Dalton Ave., Pittsfield, to Juana Valqui, $160,000.

James W. Hespelein sold property at 154 Cromwell Ave., Pittsfield, to Robert J. Spaniol III and Kathryn M. Briggs, $252,000.

Janet Wilde Rusk sold property at 61 Unkamet Park Drive, Pittsfield, to Pedro and Kristin Godinez, $222,000.

USA HUD sold property at 11 McKinley Terrace, to Jason M. Pierce, $87,750.

Theresa A. Cahalan and Nancy A. Cowdrey, Trustees of the Raffaele Rachiele and Biagina Rachiele RVT, sold property at 117 Velma Ave., Pittsfield, to Christopher J. and Mallory DiMarco, $270,000.

Denis E. and Melissa J. Guyer sold property at 97 Cambridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Marissa L. Stevenson, $245,000.

Peter P. and Marilyn J. Roming sold property at 14 Clifford St., Unit A5, Pittsfield, to Jessica D. Thoresen, $97,800.

Carla T. Moodie and David W. and Elwynda K. Chapman sold property at 34 Sampson Parkway, Pittsfield, to John R. Bourque and Shannon L. Santos, $172,500.

Jacob Trudeau sold property at 9 Daniels Ave., Pittsfield, to Kenneth R. Rosen and Elettra J. Pauletto, $65,000.

Arnold and Isabel Friedman sold property at 125 Alpine Trail, Unit 23-C, Pittsfield, to Colin J.M. Toole, $507,500.

Daniel P. and Kathie M. Swift sold property at 248 Mountain Drive, Pittsfield, to Hafez Alsmaan and Datty Sahyouni, $492,500.


Boys and Girls Club of the Berkshire Inc. sold property at 36 East Beach Road, Richmond, to 36 East Beach Road LLC, $455,000.


Nancy W. Schattner by Gerald E. Schattner sold property at 321 Tamarack Trail, Sandisfield, to Jeffrey Benezra and Donna Pastalove, $290,000.


Matthew Wayne and Heather J. Thomas sold property at 301 Frost Road, Washington, to Christopher E. Primi, $360,000.

Mary E. Wooldridge sold property at Lovers Lane Road, Washington, to Kristopher M. Foley and Kimberly Allardyce, $20,000.


John R. Manley Jr. sold property at 1130 Main St., Williamstown, to Comstock Green LLC, $180,000.


David S. and Kathleen W. Hill sold property at 687 Shaw Road, Windsor, to Richard A. and Stacy D. Litke, $318,000.

Pamela Green, Trustee of the Feigin Family NT, sold property at 390 Bates Road, Windsor, to Torran M. Bagamary and Michelle L. Iglesias, $224,700.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.