OCT. 15-19


Timothy J. and Laurie J. Carpenter sold property at 39 Harding Ave., Adams, to Timothy P. and Susan F. Martel, $260,000.

Wayne G. Arnold sold property at 15 Sayles St., Adams, to Mitchell Lee-Despain and Amanda Lee-Badorini, $125,000.


Curt P. Feustel Estate and Paul J. Feustel sold property at 127 Maple Drive, Cheshire, to Adam Z. Mazzantini, $240,000.

David L. Krutiak sold property at North State Road, Cheshire, to State Road Cheshire NT and Stephen F. Narey, $125,000.

Bruce A. Gaspardi sold property at 1792 Windsor Road, Cheshire, to Bridget M. Aniello and Joshua M. Tower, $189,900.


Chauncey and Stephanie Burtt sold property at Shore Road, Becket, to William J. and Nancy J. Tosch, $30,000.

Pamela J. Delaney sold property at 186 Old Abbey Lane West, Becket, to Karen Brodie, $190,500.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC d/b/a Champion Mortgage Company and Nancy B. Carr sold property at 387 North St., Dalton, to Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLC, $143,272.50.

Richard P. Solis sold property at 45 Chivers Drive, Dalton, to Robert M. and Dolores M. Farrell, $285,000.


Kenneth Stouffer and Lois Stouffer sold property at 29 Second St., Egremont, to Emily Jane Benson, $225,000.

Juliette S. Haas sold property at 3 Baldwin Hill Road East/West, Egremont, to William Nibur, $440,000.


Lester Meyers and Evelyn Meyers sold property at 1 Abbey Hill Drive, Great Barrington, to Marie Lanier, $385,000.

David A. Ward, Trustee of Cottages at Barrington Brook Nominee Trust, sold property at 18 Burning Tree Road, Unit 8, Great Barrington, to David K. Cohen and Sherry L. Cohen, Trustees of David K. Cohen and Sherry L. Cohen Revocable Trust, $580,000.

Moses I. Brand and Jane S. Brand, Trustees of Brand Family Great Barrington Real Estate Trust, sold property at 329 Long Pond Road, Great Barrington, to Gregory Lipper and Kathryn Kohler Amory, $675,000.


Eugene H. and Daniel G. Gover sold property at 2965 Hancock Road, Hancock, to Alexander M. Waldron, $223,000.


Bruce M. Powell sold property at Old Stagecoach Road, Hinsdale, to Kristy Cederholm, $27,000.


Deborah M. Laureyns sold property at 1 Orchard Ave., Lanesborough, to James A. Betit, $85,000.


Clover L. Bell-Devaney sold property at 21 St. James Ave., Lee, to Jason Gitlin and Diane M. Stella, $250,000.


CR Lenox Residences LLC sold property at 165 Kemble St., Unit 4, Lenox, to Barbara Zuckerberg, $1,382,500.

Gary T. Liston sold property at 21 Holmes Road, Lenox, to Lana Rose Hearst, $137,500.


Michael P. and Frank A. Torchia sold property at 39 Beech St., North Adams, to Eileen W. Atwell, $130,000.

Martin S. and Hilda C. Koscielniak sold property at 55 Natural Bridge Road, North Adams, to Christina Gregory, $148,900.

James A. and Jamie A. Williams sold property at 175 Notch Road, North Adams, to Jessica and Christopher Labombard, $139,900.

David York sold property at 55-59 Union St., North Adams, to Very Good Properties LLC, $99,000.

Dolores L. Girard sold property at Warren Street, North Adams, to Thomas W. Wilkes, $22,500.

Parsonage Manor LLC sold property at 41 Windom Terrace, North Adams, to Jacqueline Moran, $137,500.


Sonia Dettmann sold property at 517 Dimmock Road, Otis, to Kai Kuo and Geena Kuriakose, $268,000.


Greylock Federal Credit Union, Beverly A. Dufur f/k/a Beverly A. Peaslee and Dorothy Pidgin sold property at 53 Chickering St., Pittsfield, to Ruby Realty LLC, $80,000.

U.S. Bank, N.A., Trustee and Robert H. Conner sold property at 130 Howard St. and 231 Pomeroy Ave., Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank N.A., Trustee, $75,000.

James R. Lortsher and Kathleen Quinn sold property at 2 Charisma Drive, Pittsfield, to Leo Hanley Jr. and Michelle Hanley, $400,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, Trustee, sold property at 40 McKinley Terrace, Pittsfield, to Kristina M. Wadsworth, $66,675.

Robert E. and Lois M. Dearstyne sold property at 53 Abbott St., Pittsfield, to Nicole A. Maffuccio, $115,000.

James L. and Kathleen M. Giacoletto sold property at 560 South Mountain Road, Pittsfield, to Ryan C. Naylor, $280,000.

Stephen L. Couchman sold property at 60 Kenwood Ave., Pittsfield, to Matthew T. St. George, $169,000.

Charles D. Wendell Jr. sold property at 35 Marco Drive, Pittsfield, to Valery Poripski and Natalia Bolotova, $218,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. sold property at 83 Greylock Terrace, Pittsfield, to DNC Real Estate LLC, $40,000.

Wayne Curley, Barbara Felitti and Joseph J. Curley sold property at 165 Brighton Ave., Pittsfield, to Carole C. Castonguay, $147,500.

Edward H. and Erin M. Weeden sold property at 70 Central Berkshire Boulevard, Pittsfield, to Glenn R. Armstrong, $256,500.

Marco Adorno sold property at 152 Cole Ave., Pittsfield, to Katrina L. Litano, $130,000.

Ann M. Carey sold property at 84 Lillian St., Pittsfield, to James S. Lebovitz and Erika S. Henis, $199,900.

Valery Poripski sold property at 2 Marco Drive, Pittsfield, to Anthony J. Witherell, $179,900.

Michael T. Eagan, Trustee of the Eagan Family NT, sold property at 128 Crane Ave., Pittsfield, to Michael J. Eagan, $132,000.

Matheau D. Schiff and Bretta M. Karp sold property at 15 Alexander Terrace, Pittsfield, to Steven K. and Teresa S. Hayner, $220,000.

Wayne R. Hunt sold property at 67 Howard St., Pittsfield, to William R. and Donna M. Winslow, $117,000.

Shirley A. Bruno sold property at 215-217 Springside Ave., Pittsfield, to Manuel Naula, $122,000.

Carla M. Marquis sold property at 461 Elm St., Pittsfield, to Matthew R. Marquis and Tasha M. Jones, $112,000.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Trustee, sold property at 51 Curtis Terrace, Pittsfield, to Go America LLC, $17,060.

Carol A. Plante sold property at 170 Second St., Pittsfield, to Destiny L. Lechner a/k/a Destiny L. Culpo-Lechner, $92,000.

Mary F. Schreiber sold property at 33 Churchill Crest, Unit 33, Pittsfield, to Kristen N. Vadnais, $158,000.

Kristie L. Gentile n/k/a Kristie L. Shook sold property at 11 Westover St., Pittsfield, to Michael J. Taylor and Casey M. Peirano, $186,000.


Susan R. Phillips sold property at 91 Deer Hill Road, Richmond, to Darren Orbach and Elizabeth A. Waksman, $725,000.


Daniel J. Pascarelli sold property at 262 Loop Road, Savoy, to Kristie L. Shook, $269,900.


CMR LLC sold property at 21 Sheffield Business Park, Sheffield, to Robert L. Blouch Jr. and Kelly S. Blouch, $574,750.

Deborah Rhoades and the Estate of Blanche A. Bennett sold property at 1114 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, to Nicholas A. Greene and Tiffany M. Sermini Greene, $270,000.


Alex and Nancy Kolben and Cecile Stein sold property at 14 Stonebridge Way, Tyringham, to Caitlin M. Bartholomew, $290,000.


Berkshire Ventures LLC sold property at 72 Arnold St., Williamstown, to Weaver House LLC, $100,000.

Eloise M. Finlinson sold property at 87 Maple St., Williamstown, to Trevor S. Jewett, $137,900.

Sam W. Amoroso and Sonnet K. Coggins sold property at 738 Simonds Road, Williamstown, to Matthew Howard and Shelley Salamensky, $275,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

Reprinted from material previously published in Banker & Tradesman. Copyright by The Warren Group. The Middle Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices provide the real estate transactions recorded for the towns in their districts.