SEPT. 2-6


Shaun P. and Hope L. Bussiere sold property at 25-27 Burt St., Adams, to Trevor W. Crombie, $100,000.

Peter R. Bailly sold property at 21 Crooked Hill Road, Alford, to Tricia R. Storti, $360,000.


Enrico Hinz sold property at 25 Crooked Hill Road, Alford, to Kipp Lynch and Bess Hochstein, $629,000.


Ashley S. Bond f/k/a Ashley S. Wurtz sold property at Beach Road, Becket, to Gary Lungarini and Lucia Onofrio, $5,000.

Franklin Woods Investments LLC sold property at the easterly side of Lane Road, Becket, to Wilson J. Turner, $55,000.


James J. Dermody Jr. and Brenda L. Dermody sold property at 49 Daniels Terrace, Cheshire, to Lucas P. Alibozek, $203,000.

Beverly M. Naughton sold property at 44 Daniels Terrace, Cheshire, to James J. Dermody Jr. and Brenda L. Dermody, $259,000.


Max Ehrlich and Tabitha S. Rasmussen sold property at 46-48 Curtis Ave., Dalton, to Robert and Coleen Allessio, $247,500.

Bruce and Mary E. Lamke, trustees of the Bruce Lamke RVT of 2011 and Trustees of the Mary E. Lamke RVT of 2011, sold property at 529 Kirchner Road, Dalton, to Scott W. and Lynn Clements, $202,000.


Anne Meyer Jacobs, personal representative for the Estate of Harry G. Meyer, sold property at 5 Tyrell Road, Egremont, to Alana S. Lopez and Sandra Abbenan-Lopez, $140,000.


Linnea L. Mace sold property at 182 Division St., Great Barrington, to Peter Adels, trustee of Adels Nominee Realty Trust, $450,000.

Diana B. Richter, trustee of Diana B. Richter Living Trust, sold property at 12 Prospect St., Great Barrington, to David Forrest Phillips and Carla M. Levy, $575,000.

Shea M. Potoski sold property at 15 Kirk St., Great Barrington, to April Chambers, $280,000.

Guenther G. Stockfisch and Laura L. Stockfisch, co-trustees of County Enterprises Realty Trust, sold property at 4 Maplewood Ave., Great Barrington, to George Houghtlin III, $195,000.


Shane A. Peaslee sold property at 161-163 Old State Road, Lanesborough, to Alexander Peaslee, $160,000.


James Mercer, trustee of the 100 Tyringham Road Nominee RT, sold property at 100 Tyringham Road a/k/a River Street, Lee, to Business Investments LLC, $275,000.

Gary D. Blank sold property at 755 Tyringham Road, Lee, to Edward and Claudia Glickman, $660,000.


Adam G. and Jason M. Slote, trustees of the Gilbert M. Slote 2005 RVT, sold property at 980 East St., Lenox, to Courtney Gilardi, $200,000.

Brenda M. Hall, personal rep. of the Estate of Frederick Arthur Raftery, sold property at 29 Brunell Ave., Lenox, to Linda M. Shafiroff, $237,500.

Robert Burton Schechter, trustee of the Robert Burton Schechter 2001 FT, sold property at 15 Bishop Estates Road, Lenox, to John Wendling and Maggie A. Mailer, $680,000.

James R. and Erika M. Mills sold property at 24 Morgan St., Lenox, to Sumiran and Rebecca R. Basnet, $387,500.

Edward C. and Diane C. Darrin sold property at 4 Housatonic St., Lenox, to 4 Housatonic LLC, $525,000.


Wayne A. Shepherd sold property at 110 Mallery Road, New Ashford, to Andrew and Elizabeth Nasman, $239,000.


Rachel Reynolds f/k/a Rachel Caryofilles sold property at 25 Greene Ave., North Adams, to Maddie Elizabeth Baird and Adriane Elizabeth Meyer Baird, $187,000.

Richard Tovani Jr. sold property at 1582 Mohawk Trail, North Adams, to Anthony P. Tovan, $100,000.

Tallage Lincoln LLC sold property at Church Street, North Adams, to Greylock Federal Credit Union, $16,000.

Wayne Hopkins and Cathy Wysocki sold property at 243 Union St., Unit 304, North Adams, to Catherine Dunning, $265,000.

Evan F. Giroux and Courtney Bator sold property at 707 Massachusetts Ave., North Adams, to Matthew B. and Rachel C. Reynolds, $280,000.


U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, and Michael L. Poulin sold property at 560 East Otis Road, Otis, to U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, $95,189.37.

Jeffrey E. and Teresa A. Daignault sold property at 408 Pine Road, Otis, to Kevin M. and Heather F. Fusick, $1,050,000.

Anita Carol D. Scherr Gyllenhoff, personal rep. of the Estate of Mildred B. Duchacek, sold property at Norton Road, Otis, to John B. Tonlino IV and Luke William Tonlino, trustee of the JBT Trust, $206,500.

William H. and Diane L. Dyer sold property off Lincoln Road f/k/a Gibbs Road, Otis, to David Tuzzio and Jasmine Kaempfer, $32,000.

Cheryl Beverly Coates, trustee of the Cheryl Beverly Coates RVT, sold property at 263 Harrington Road, Otis, to David P. and Ellen Beck Tochterman, $450,000.


U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, and Richard A. and Elva M. Kurek sold property at 11 Rhode Island Ave., Pittsfield, to U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, $148,647.46.

Francese Family Realty LLC and Willard A. Curtis sold property at 230 Lenox Ave., Pittsfield, to Francese Family Realty LLC, $45,000.

Ruby Realty LLC sold property at 50 Hungerford St., Pittsfield, to Berkshire Gateway Investment Properties LLC, $110,000.

Ruby Realty LLC sold property at 1055 North St., Pittsfield, to Berkshire Gateway Investment Properties LLC, $110,000.

Thomas R. Lynch and Angela J. Borden sold property at 108 East Housatonic St., Unit 9, Pittsfield, to Hilary Kate Smith, $92,500.

Sharon A. Weller sold property at 225 Williams St., Pittsfield, to John J. and Cristine Byrne, $268,000.

Timothy F. Horrigan and Lenore A. Horrigan a/k/a Lenore H. Horrigan sold property at 152 Linden St., Pittsfield, to Leydet Properties LLC, $40,000.

Kenneth G. and Margaret M. Wiles sold property at 38 Meadow Ridge Drive, Pittsfield, to Christopher E. and Lori A. Moon, $460,000.

Shawna Kellene Gilbert sold property at 16 Hope St., Pittsfield, to Morgan J. Russell, $151,000.

Carl K. Zartman and Deanna L. Ruffer sold property at 39 Wellesley St., Pittsfield, to Ricardo Rodriguez and Gayle Susan Saks, $345,000.

Paul Saldana sold property at 23 Elberon Ave., Pittsfield, to Scott Baker, $227,500.

Frank V. Maher and Samantha C. Maher f/k/a Samantha C. Langdon sold property at 60 Oswald Ave., Pittsfield, to Todd W. Derby and Moria J. Chiusano, $186,000.

Kevin A. Kump sold property at 1064 1/2 Holmes Road, Pittsfield, to Amber and Stephanie Lighten, $335,000.

USA HUD sold property at 104 Bossidy Drive, Pittsfield, to Brandon Todd, $119,480.

Alyssa E. Brodeur sold property at 31 Michigan Ave., Pittsfield, to Travis W. and Holly A. Padgett, $180,000.

John J. and Cristine Byrne sold property at 50 Pinto Drive, Pittsfield, to Daleep Kumar, $285,000.

Andrew M. Prescott sold property at 1282 North St., Pittsfield, to Eugene E. and Victoria J. Hayford, $215,000.

Mark J. Cote and Amy K. Cote f/k/a Amy K. Moriarty sold property at 95 Winesap Road, Pittsfield, to Malila Siv, $266,000.


Patricia A. Walsh sold property at 355 Rossiter Road, Richmond, to Frank V. & Samantha C. Maher, $350,000.


Douglas Degelsmith and Judy Degelsmith sold property at 305 Lake Shore Drive, Otis Wood Lands, Lot 56, Sandisfield, to Monica Ahser, $350,000.

AJ Hepworth and Suzanne Hepworth sold property at 351 Lake Shore Drive, Otis Wood Lands, Lot 224, Sandisfield, to Oren Lieber, trustee of Enis Family Trust, $385,000.


Francine Groener and Sara Tenenbaum a/k/a Sarah Tenenbaum sold property at 413 Clayton Road, Sheffield, to Fnu Jain Jose, $261,000.


Church Street Holdings LLC sold property at Prospect Hill Road, Stockbridge, to Jason Macioge, $260,000.

Donna Barasch sold property at 8 Lukeman Lane, Stockbridge, to Lawrence Emil Zeidner and Kirsten Joy Fuchs, $289,000.

Francine S. Stein and Willard Kasoff and Sarah Lipton-Lubet, trustees of the Francine S. Stein 1999 Qualified Personal Residence Trust, sold property at 10 Birch Lane, Stockbridge, to Edward F. Keon Jr. and Patricia Kennelly, trustees of the Edward F. Keon Jr. RVT and Patricia Kennelly RVT, $1,375,000.


Julie A. Pavia sold property at 60 Middlefield Road, Washington, to Andrew M. Prescott, $358,000.


Robert G. Ouellette sold property at 67 Woodlawn Drive, Williamstown, to Marjorie M. Wylde, $207,000.

FT - Family Trust

LLC - Limited Partnership

LT - Life Trust

NT - Nominee Trust

RET - Real Estate Trust

RT — Realty Trust

RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.