NORTH ADAMS — Boston Seafood and Gramercy Bistro have earned the honor of champion chowders in the people's choice and judge's choice categories, respectively, in last weekend's Winterfest.

Hundreds of people swarmed downtown on Saturday to try samples of the nine competitors in the cook-off. Over 4,000 samples were served from noon to 2 p.m., resulting in 456 ballots cast for people's choice favorites and write-ins for the "Only in North Adams" most unique chowder award.

Voters were asked to rank their top three favorite, though many just picked one. Competitors were awarded 3 points for every first place mark, 2 points for each second place mark, and 1 point for every third place mark.

Boston Seafood earned 464 points to retain its title. Bounti-Fare earned second place with 403 points and the Hubcame in third with 346 points.

Judges' choice winners were announced at the conclusion of the event with Gramercy Bistro winning first place honors with a unique curry chowder which also handily won the "Only in North Adams" people's choice award. Grazie and the Hub tied for second place, and third place honors go to Bounti-Fare.

The 2017 competitors were Boston Seafood, Bounti-Fare, Gramercy Bistro, Grazie, The Hub, Mingos, MCLA Dining Services, North Adams Commons, and Williamstown Commons. Individual scores are available upon request.