How much cake have you eaten in the past two weeks? I have eaten way too much. There's chocolate on every table, ice cream at every gathering, holiday cake just going to go to waste if you don't eat it literally right now. My body is definitely in sugar shock at this point.

Now that the holidays are over and we're back to plain old winter, I'm easing into healthier food again. I try to eat pretty well regardless, so this is less of a new year's resolution than it is a return to normalcy. But if you're looking to eat healthier in the new year, this is an excellent recipe to start with. It's easy, perfect for a busy weeknight, it comes in bright colors for a dim, snowy time of year, and it hits all your nutritional high points: lots of veggies, lots of fiber, protein, low in fat.

Roasting any vegetable for a while brings out sweetness and new depth. I get a kick out of lining up each kind of veggie — it's a feast for the senses — but you don't have to do that for it to work. If you like the lineup approach (it's good for Instagram), toss each batch of sliced veggies in a bowl with olive oil, salt and pepper. Then everything is coated evenly as well as being attractively organized.

I've been making variations on this for myself on nights my husband works late, or making it for us together when I feel lazy (like on New Year's Day — enough said). It's simple to put together and using just one pan cuts down on mess.

Instead of grain, you can use black beans or chickpeas (spice them with a little saffron, cumin or paprika) or some other gluten-free item, or cut them out altogether. I used bulgur wheat, which has a deep, nutty, flavor that goes well with sweet potatoes. Bulgur is usually pretty inexpensive — check by the rice at any grocery store — and offers some protein as well as fiber.