LANESBOROUGH — Five people, including a 4-year-old boy, were taken to Berkshire Medical Center on Saturday afternoon after a head-on collision involving a car transporting bees.

Shortly before 2 p.m., police and firefighters responded to the 700 block of South Main Street and found a Ford station wagon and Chevrolet sedan with significant front-end damage. Hundreds of bees swarmed the area, stinging several people, including a Lanesborough Police sergeant, as rescuers worked to get the victims into ambulances.

"It was a unique situation," Sgt. Brad Lepicier said after the cars were cleared from the scene. "I was stung three times, myself."

Lepicier didn't immediately have the names of the victims, but he said the collision was at least somewhat caused by bees in the station wagon, which was heading southbound, getting loose and stinging the driver. Three men were in the station wagon, and a man, woman and child were in the sedan, he said.

Rescuers placed the boy, who was alert, into an ambulance while on a stretcher and with his neck secured in a brace.

Lanesborough Fire Chief Charlie Durfee said the injuries didn't appear to be serious. The people who were stung at the scene didn't require treatment, according to Lepicier and firefighters.

While crews worked on removing debris, bees buzzed around the heads of people at the scene.

A beekeeper dressed in protective gear, who was in the station wagon and who refused to be taken to the hospital for evaluation, tried to collect the bees in several hives stored in boxes.

He declined to give his name or comment on the collision.

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