To the editor:

The town of Savoy will soon be voting on whether to allow wind developer Minuteman Wind to increase the size of the five wind turbines planned for construction on West Hill. From we who have had direct experience attempting to live with wind turbines, please heed our warnings.

During turbine operation, the downswing motion of each turbine blade (each 190 feet long and weighing over 8 tons) creates a disturbing low-frequency pressure pulse that negatively affects several of the physiological systems within the human body. The incessant pounding creates headaches and unusual pressure sensations within the head and ears, including tinnitus, and increases blood pressure and heart rate. (At times, the pulses mimic the heartbeat.)

Sleep, during turbine operation, is impossible, which leads to chronic stress and anxiety. There is no escape from this pulsing low-frequency noise, which penetrates walls, windows, ear plugs and noise-masking machines. The never-ending noise is like torture. The only remedy is to leave, to distance oneself from the source.

For over seven years, we and our neighbors fought the town of Falmouth's failed experiment with wind energy through the health board, selectmen and zoning hearings, as well as expending hundreds of thousands of dollars for legal fees through several civil court cases. Seven years lost that we will not get back.

Residents of Savoy have the opportunity to save themselves from this same peril (most likely worse, with five much larger turbines), during the upcoming turbine hearing on Sept. 24. One hearing. One night.

Make the right decision.

Neil and Elizabeth Andersen,