To the editor:

A chain of events magnified during winter at a time of peak demand: A pipeline shortage resulting in both natural gas and electricity prices skyrocketing to record levels. CO2 levels go up as other sources of fuel are needed to compensate. Power plants are forced to switch to oil as pipeline operators struggle to maintain pipeline pressure.

The anti- pipeline business has succeeded in making Massachusetts and other New England states the most expensive per kilowatt hour in the lower 48, ranking as the top region by the Energy Information Agency at nearly 20 cents compared to national average of 13 cents per kWh. The commercial electric rates are 50 percent above national average.

What about wind and solar coming to the rescue? Only in a children's reading book is that possible. There have been expectations solar and wind can reach grid parity with fossil fuels. In reality that is happening in suitable geographical areas but not here.

Renewable growth is solely based on government subsidies and mandates in New England. How do we maintain our local population and remaining industries? Natural gas just to our west with low CO2 content should have been our contribution to climate change policy.

Our regional utility company, Eversource, is fighting on behalf of 99 percent of its customers who do not own solar but find their electric bill burdened with an additional 7 percent to 8 percent solar charge. Elected officials must change course quickly to mitigate further economic damage. Stop placating climate change hysteria and support and promote available and affordable energy resources.

John Carroll,