Our Opinion: Trump rally planned for New Hampshire raises alarm

President Donald Trump speaks June 20 during a campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla.

To the editor:

Everybody is always so upset and angry with everything Donald Trump does. Step back, take a deep breath, count to five, and console yourself with the following: You put him there!

You let him assume the presidency even though he lost by close to 4 million votes. You wonderful people continue to leave the Senate in the hands of a hateful, viciously racist misogynist bully. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Donald Trump was a race-baiting con artist and spoiled-rotten, entitled bully his entire life, and you all knew it — half of you probably still wish you were him.

Mitch McConnell said right from the start he just wanted someone to sign stuff. You incredibly enlightened people still gave him the Senate. Donald Trump is just being Donald Trump, the same piggish brute who broke into the dressing rooms of teenagers. Again, I say, I don't doubt half of you still wish you were him.

Two hundred judges later, two Supreme Court judges later, we are looked upon by the rest of the world with pity and confusion because nobody can understand how 350 million people could possibly be so lazy and ignorant and blind to what was plain to see right before their very eyes.

These two men have destroyed your world, your children's world, their children's world. We probably will never recover from this. And you don't have anyone to blame but yourselves.

Clark Terry Mahony,