To the editor:

On Jan. 7, the public was invited to tour Wahconah Regional High School to become familiar with the building features and how they are being used by the staff to meet the needs of educating the more than 500 students presently attending there. As one of the approximately 30 folks on tour, I want to commend the folks who helped us become familiar with the present use of the building and how the challenges of using the building that opened in 1961 are being met.

I came away amazed at the positive attitude of the presenters as they outlined how they make use of every bit of space available in an old but well-cared-for facility. The library was noted by Principal Robb as the "petri dish" of their educational programs, as students are offered a chance to enroll in online programs as well as do their own research. The student enrollment in arts programs has increased over the years and class size is somewhat limited by spaces available. The health and physical education programs take advantage of the "beautiful outside" facilities while inside programs take advantage of even hallway space.

The Building Committee plans to continue these tours leading up to a vote by the communities on approving initiation of a feasibility study to determine the path for meeting future needs of the students. If you've read Thomas Friedman's recent book "Thank You For Being Late," you may recognize the phrase "the future is much closer than you think." The young people are living in times that are driven by "accelerations" that I'm not aware of.

When you can, join a building project tour and think about what's best for the future — just next door!

George Bissell,