To the editor:

Alan Chartock's May 18 commentary "Seasonal rail pilot program an ill-advised use of taxpayer dollars," regarding the Berkshire Flyer, was spot on. I have been outspoken about the wrong direction Sen. Adam Hinds and Eddie Sporn have been pursuing for a long time.

I have attended several early meetings of the study group and personally voiced my concerns to Adam. I also invited Eddie to my home to discuss the New York to Pittsfield via Albany proposal. Along with a neighbor who feels the same as I do, we related to Eddie many of the issues Alan summarized in his recent commentary.

I think rail travel been New York and the Berkshires makes a lot of sense and will provide significant economic benefits if the proposal is properly structured. A seasonal one train on Friday and one train return on Sunday, however, is not the way to go. In my opinion, the Train Campaign headed by Karen Christensen utilizing the more direct old Housatonic Line making daily stops in key towns along the way to Pittsfield, definitely makes more sense. I recommend that those interested go to the Train Campaign website for more details.

The argument that the Berkshire Flyer study and subsequent test is just the start of more frequent connections to New York is, unfortunately, wrongheaded, as it wastes time and limited resources focusing on a less efficient, more complex route of travel.

Pieter Ruig,