To the editor:

I applaud Laurie Norton Moffat for stepping forward in her opposition to the planned deaccession of 40 works of art by the Berkshire Museum (Eagle, July20), and I second every point she makes.

I have no idea what proportion of the museum's fine art collection is going on the auction block, but I fear it is a substantial one. The fact that the two pieces already identified are iconic Rockwells is troubling in the extreme and suggests other valuable and irreplaceable pieces will soon be gone.

And it is nothing less than galling to read Van Shields' dismissal of paintings as "static exhibitions." That limited view leaves me sputtering with rage. I do agree when he states that being "stewards of the museum is the true public trust." The problem is that he and his board have now violated that public trust. It is a sad day for a venerable community institution.

Wendy Linscott,

Great Barrington