To the editor:

The Berkshire Museum claims that it's no longer eight years that they have for survival. Within a few months it's been reduced to five years. Where has all the money gone? Lawyer William F. Lee from Boston, and all the years of hiring outside consultants and retreats for staff — these require quite a bit of money. And future monies, if this entangled lawsuit continues.

I suggest the museum show us how much money is being spent for the New Vision, and what is at stake at Sotheby's if the museum loses the case. I'd like to suggest that past mismanagement is present mismanagement is future mismanagement.

Don't blame those who oppose this sale if the museum goes down. Van Shields and the trustees brought themselves into three current lawsuits, hollowing out the art collection and flouting accepted museum practices.

The people who want the art works back have been offering for six months to discuss all of this. To work as a community and bring some peace to this. To this very moment, they refuse all outside requests for transparency.

Florence Mason,

Stephentown, N.Y.