To the editor:

The Berkshire Museum is in financial trouble. How can the public trust the executive director, Van Shields, when he breaks the trust of Norman Rockwell and other donors who gave art works to the museum? How is the selling off of valuable paintings considered valid?

Children, patrons and citizens of Pittsfield and Berkshire County deserve better than the current talk of millions of dollars to be used for a "reinvention plan." Do we lack all imagination about ways to make the museum fiscally solvent? Or is the selling of local art and history for the promise of gold the one and only solution?

We demand better. We demand the very best for our children. The best art museum. The best natural history museum. As parents, taxpayers, artists and business people, let's not give this Berkshire Museum's administration the right to sell what is the best of an art collection and "trust" that that gained monies will be better spent.

Sarah Horne,