To the editor:

What is the goal of the people and institutions who bring lawsuits and defamation against the Berkshire Museum? What is the win they hope to secure?

The Berkshire Museum has always been about far more than paintings and sculpture. In recent fall weekends, hundreds of children and their parents have attended Saturday evenings to explore all the collections as they play flashlight hunt for listed items. Visitors have come in droves to see the Morgan Bulkeley exhibit as they did last season to see "Finding Raven: Art and Stories from the Northwest Coast."

Plans for renovation include a technical planetarium, more hands-on science, display halls to showcase local artists and more display space for its collections currently in storage. All these innovations are perfectly justified reasons to auction a small portion of the museum's holdings. It will always incorporate its art as it adds new and varied programs in the sciences and all the arts. Local school groups depend on this institution as they do on no other museum in the county. Berkshire Museum is a core center for education in Berkshire County and should be helped and lauded for this role.

What is the win the opponents of change hope to accomplish? If the museum ultimately fails, what will be put in that empty building when every piece of art and sculpture is auctioned to pay the creditors? These lawsuits are narrow-minded and mean-spirited.

Virginia Elvin,