To the editor:

My mother, Olive Volsky, an artist and longtime resident of Windsor, met Norman Rockwell in the 1970s. He took the time to speak with her about their paintings. She also made sure that I frequented the Berkshire Museum, where we both drew inspiration as artists. I have continued to respect the legacy of art bestowed upon me by these mentors by exercising my artistic talents as a painter, a makeup artist and an art instructor in California, — and now, in Florida.

I still recall times of peaceful reflections 40 years ago as a youthful museum visitor.

When did money become more important than people? The Berkshires are better than that! I call upon the people of Berkshire County to rise up against the growing tide of greed. You cannot sell down the museum's' collection without losing the impact these works will have on your children — the artists of the next generation.

Start a go-fund-me to raise money, if you want. But if you sell off the living soul of the Berkshire Museum, all you have left is a dead shell — nothing left to guard. And after that, all it will be good for is fodder for wolves and condo developers. Remove its spirit, and it is dead. Shame on all of us if this is allowed to happen.

Robin Volsky

Vero Beach, Fla.