To the editor:

Bravo to The Eagle for pursuing the release of the documents regarding the Berkshire Museum's plans to sell some of its art ("Eagle seeks art sale details," Nov. 28).

My visceral feeling is that I do not approve of selling off a collection to gain funds for operations and restructuring, especially the two Rockwells that were given to the museum by the artist himself. It doesn't feel right to sell them. But I recognize that is an emotional reaction more than anything else, because I don't know enough about the circumstances surrounding the proposed sale to have a cogent opinion. To have an informed position, one should know all the facts.

Good luck on your effort; may we all soon be better informed. All of us in the county need to better understand what we are dealing with. Perhaps I could be persuaded this is a good idea, but the museum hasn't made a convincing case. Let's see the documents and decide.

Tigger Bruenn,

West Stockbridge