To the editor:

Nobody would deny that we live in dangerous times, that every day brings new challenges to our dealing with news and events. So why do some of us keep pounding on a dead horse with absurd outrage, out of proportion with the constant dangers threatening us?

While it was everyone's right to complain and assert their right to ask for the justice department to interfere with decisions they did not like and approve of, their actions and voices have been heard. Isn't it time now for them to let go? Their recrimination sounds tiresome and is fruitless. Wouldn't it be better to accept the decisions of the court and stop their relentless attacks on the museum?

We all live in this community, and it is time to help the museum in its new adventure. Isn't time to support its efforts to bring something new and exciting to our community so that it ends up being a success, a site we want to be proud of, which will enrich our lives and that of our children and families?

We heard how much people proclaimed they would have been ready to support the museum if they had known its problems. Well, now is the time to bring this support in any form we can to ensure a bright future for this new vision in our midst.

Isabelle Kaplan,