To the editor:

Thank you museum consultant Martin Gammon for finally providing a clear, mature voice speaking for ancient donors, reminding those entrusted with the family jewels that to sell priceless treasures intended for posterity for present gain is to "break a compact with donors" ("Art expert files last-minute amicus brief," Eagle, March 23).

Among those donors are Zenas Crane, Norman Rockwell and Alexander Calder. These great, gifted, generous donors intended their gifts to be an everlasting reminder to us that they walked our beloved Berkshire hills and vales just as we do now, that they met with success here, and in gratitude they are presenting us with these fruits of their labor.

These "fruits" link us not only with them but with the cultural world beyond our hills. They lift us up and give us permission to hold our heads high because, in these humble hills, greatness was born and flourished.

Margaret M. Roussin,


Martin Gammon also wrote an opinion piece on the Berkshire Museum for The Eagle on March 17.