To the editor:

I have lived and worked in Pittsfield for over 20 years and have taken my children and grandchildren to the Berkshire Museum. We have enjoyed the unique combination of art masterpieces, natural history and science.

I have been trying to understand how the museum director and board could think it was a good idea to sell the masterpieces without letting the community as a whole know what they had planned and what the ramifications would mean! Did they think the community didn't value these works of art? They should know by now that a large number of people do care and actually want input regarding alternative plans. Why are they ignoring these people and actually questioning their motives? Why not have a public forum where ideas are exchanged before it is too late?

If everyone on both sides truly wants Pittsfield to prosper and attract people to the area, why not be open to alternatives? Why contribute to the polarization of the community? Why not be heroes and work to unify and enrich the community and honor its heritage?

Martha Lenz,