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To the editor:

I am excited because for the first time in over a decade we are being given a choice of who will be our district attorney. The district attorney's office affects us all. This position is arguably the most powerful in the criminal justice system. How we hold people accountable is important to our safety.

The current system produces results that indicates we are treating people differently based on social class and race. I was disappointed when the incumbent was asked in an open forum how he would differ from his old boss. Instead of answering, he invited the person who asked the question and anyone else that was interested to have coffee with him. This type of ducking of a question indicates to me his plan is to stay on the same path. He preaches to us that he is the only one who understands the workings of this broken system. I watched how the current system set him up as the incumbent. I now realize if he wins the election we will have no control over who will succeed him as DA. All we need to do is wait and see who he appoints as his assistant then apply the same ethics and philosophy and the hierarchy and current flawed system will live on.

I believe the system is in need of repair and we need fresh leadership. Relying on experience from a broken system is not making me feel safer. My vote is going to Andrea Harrington for Berkshire County district attorney. She has a vision that will transform the way we hold people accountable. She understands that justice should treat all people equally. She understands that accountability needs a partner in rehabilitation and treatment. The more we educate ourselves on the power of this office the more we will appreciate the fact that we have a choice and that our vote is important.

Please help in making us all safer by joining me in not only voting for Andrea Harrington on Sept. 4 but getting your friends and neighbors to join us.

Frank Engels,



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