To the editor:

Since coming to Pittsfield in 1974, my late wife, Ruth, and I have been supporters of the Berkshire Museum. In fact, we received our only parking ticket for overtime parking when we were preparing "Gramma's Tree" for the Festival of Trees.

Though neither served on the board, by choice, we were available for discussion and views. Our major effort, some years ago, was to establish a modest endowment to support two activities — childrens' programs and use our fund as a seed to grow a large endowment fund.

Now, years later, the museum board, after much study and review, has initiated a program for the future survival of the museum. To me, it matters not what I would do — the board has made a decision.

Based upon my experience, my concern now is the implementation of this major program. Millions of dollars to be raised and spent wisely. This should be everyone's concern.

Nicholas Boraski,