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To the editor:

I decided to do some research on the race for Berkshire County district attorney by reading information from the candidates own bios, newspaper articles from the Eagle, as well as from other news media outlets. So I decided that I want to express my own thoughts on this race for this elected office, and mainly these two candidates who are running for that seat, Andrea Harrington and Paul Caccaviello.

Two years ago, Andrea Harrington was a candidate for state Senate, which thankfully she lost to Adam Hinds. After failing the primary in that election she said she had decided she was going to focus on her family. Then two years later, she now decides she wants to be a candidate for Berkshire County district attorney. Really?

So I asked myself, do I really want someone like Andrea Harrington being my district attorney? Someone like her who can't decide if she wants to be a state senator then, or a district attorney now? Someone like her who can't decide if it's important focusing on her family then, or it appears now it isn't so important? Who has broken campaign finance laws or so-called flubs during her Senate race back in 2016? Someone who sounds like she has been historically ultra-soft on crime, trying to get convicted criminals' sentences overturned? I also personally get the impression that any open state job that comes along, Andrea wants?

So with this being said, my answer is easy: No! Andrea Harrington is not what we need for Berkshire County DA. I believe a candidate like Paul Caccaviello, who has district attorney and prosecution experience, who is tough on crime, who knows what he wants and who hasn't broken the law. Yes, Paul Caccaviello is the correct candidate for district attorney of Berkshire County.

Philip Carroll,



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