To the editor:

In regard to the slur in the Lenox school play, it needs to be made clear that the play was not at all a hateful display or derogatory. In fact, it was just the opposite.

The play, "Shrek the Musical," was about accepting others differences and being comfortable with who you are. One of their songs was "Freak Flag," with the lyrics "Let your freak flag fly." The controversy as reported by The Eagle should not take away from the fact that these kids put a lot of time and effort into a wonderful play. Their performances were incredibly impressive. The word "tranny" was from the script of the musical; it was not written by the school.

There was nothing about the context of the play that was offensive, and that's important for people to know. It was used to show that the word is used in a derogatory way. The character said, "They called me a hot and tranny mess."

If we start censoring our plays, will books be next?

The whole tone and moral of the play was positive and about acceptance of differences, and if Lenox is saying it is going to focus on acceptance, it will need to realize that the play was exactly in line with that. It isn't fair to these kids to turn this into a controversial issue over one word that wasn't used in the way it's being portrayed. They all understood it the way it was meant, so it's wrong to spin this into something completely the opposite.

I have personally heard from these kids how hurt they are that this has taken over the focus instead of all their hard work and great performances. I'm really disappointed to see this over-the-top reaction.

Monica Joyce,