To the editor:

While the nation suffers through the worst days of the pandemic in the South and West, our commonwealth is actually doing better week by week and month by month after the horrible spring. So what's different?

It's pretty simple. Our leaders followed the science and planned accordingly. They had to learn a hard lesson as did our neighbors in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Like a fighter that's staggered after a hard right hook, they shook it off, gathered their thoughts and got things under control by following the science. They put the welfare and health of our people ahead of the politics of reopening the economy. I did not vote for the current Republican governor but he's proved to me that party alone and catering to the whims of Trump does not define the type of response for all state leaders.

Gov. Baker has earned my respect.

Mark E. Pompi,


The writer is a retired Sergeant First Class who served in the U.S. Army.