To the editor:

On Friday March 15, IAABO Board #25 Berkshire County Basketball Officials held its third annual all-star basketball game at Taconic. Thanks to the many people outside Board #25 who offered their help and assistance.

Our appreciation extends to the media for their publication and the reporting of the event, Taconic administration for the use of its gymnasium, the Taconic Booster Club for staffing the refreshment stand, and all of the community members who attended and donated monetarily to this worthy event. The donations help to defray the cost of the Oswald Tower Scholarship and for the purchase of the trophies and uniforms for the participants. For some participants, this was their last high school basketball game and a final chance to play with other team members from the other schools.

Our board honored not only the Oswald Tower Scholarship winner- Seyvon Kouao, but also the boys and girls sportsmanship honorees from the North and South Divisions. The honorees were:

North boys, Pat Bruni Sportsmanship Award, Tom Burris of Wahconah; North girls, Ray Dotchin Sportsmanship Award, Meredith Powell of Monument Mt.; South boys, Mike Kinne Sportsmanship Award, Noel Powell of Monument Mt.,; South girls, Wray Gunn Jr. Sportsmanship Award, Haley Shook of Drury.

Also honored were the members of the Mt. Everett Officials' Table: Joe McSpiritt, Denny Sullivan and Amy Carpenter. Table personnel play an important role in helping the officials manage the game.

Board #25 also honored long time coach, Tom Kinne as one of the girls' coaches. IAABO Board #25 coach of the year from McCann Tech was Kathy Budaj, who also coached the other girls' team. Varsity boys coaches Dustin Belcher of Wahconah and Randy Koldys of Monument Mt. coached the boys' teams. Team names were designated from former Board #25 long time officials Lou Markham, Jack Domurat, Churchill Cotton and Mark Alford.

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Finally, this year's game was help in memory of IAABO Board #25 member Bernie Finnegan of Adams, who passed unexpectedly last month.

Thank you Berkshire County for the chance to celebrate the goodness and genuine spirit that surrounds sportsmanship and good character of our high school athletes-tomorrows' leaders.

W. Peter Gutmann,


The writer is IAABO Board #25 secretary/treasurer. and is writing on behalf of President Richard Ward and interpreter/event coordinator Mark Chylinski