To the editor

I am down on my knees begging the Berkshire Museum leaders and board of trustees to accept state Sen. Adam Hinds' offer to help oversee a coming together of both sides of the Berkshire Museum mess.

Let's begin an attempt to hammer out a path forward. We all treasure the museum, we all want the best for the children of this county, we all value both art and science. Even with our differences, even with the venom spewed, we have enough in common to begin to talk.

Finally and thankfully, a politician has stepped forward and offered to help resolve this sorry situation. Speaking for those who oppose the "new vision" and possible art sale, we stand ready. Join us in the sunlight and let's proceed.

The 100th anniversary of Zenas Crane's death is Dec. 17. Let's honor the founder of the museum we all cherish and start talking that day.

Karen Chase,