To the editor:

Growing up during World War II I remember the saying "loose lips sink ships." This was a warning not to give information to the enemy. This phrase was used by Ms. Elizabeth McGraw, president of the Berkshire Museum's Board of Trustees (Eagle, Nov. 2, 2017.) To me this meant that we the people of Berkshire County were "the enemy" and should not know of their plans to ship off 40 works of art (including two gifts from Norman Rockwell) to Sotheby's for auction. Why didn't the board appeal to the public for help and if there was no or very little response then they would be justified in the sale? But the way they did this was underhanded and insulting to the people of Berkshire County.

I am disgusted with the incredible decision by Justice David A. Lowry of the Supreme Judicial Court. It makes one wonder about our legal system!

Celia deG Kittredge,