To the editor:

My husband and I were both excited when we received an invitation to the Berkshire Museum during which we were told that an important announcement would be made for downtown Pittsfield and the Berkshires. The announcement, which many of you read about in Thursday's Eagle, was that the museum is planning a $60 million makeover of this establishment.

As the recent investors/risk takers of a project in downtown Pittsfield (Hotel on North), we would both like to express our sincere appreciation and tip our hats to Van Shields and the board of the museum. They have worked long and hard and realized that in order to help put this city on the map, they need to invest in the future. The museum of our childhood needs to grow, change and evolve. Some of the ideas that are in the works are beyond fabulous and we applaud their courage and bold sense of adventure.

It's time for Pittsfield to stop being the overlooked area. We have amazing restaurants, lakes, state forests, two world class performance theaters, a soon to be upgraded movie theater (YES!), some great downtown shopping, and now, finally, a museum that will bring us forward. Stagnation, step aside! The future looks very exciting — a future that makes us proud to call this region home.

Laurie Tierney,

David Tierney,