To the editor:

The Berkshire Museum should sell off its prize painting collection for the simple reason that a museum run so poorly doesn't deserve to showcase such art. Yes, sell off the art and let it be acquired by billionaire collectors who can view them in the privacy of their own living rooms, depriving the public and the Berkshires in particular of these cultural treasures. While we are at it, why not dump some of that artwork housed in Washington at the National Gallery and elsewhere and take the proceeds to build a wall?

While it's important to sustain an institution and keep those walls intact there really is no point in sustaining one that no longer has anything between the walls. If you want to talk about nature, then understanding an American artist's awe and inspiration provides a kernel of understanding of a spiritual relationship and respect of nature, which is sorely lacking in some more rational and disconnected minds.

Lawrence Davis-Hollander,

Ashley Falls