To the editor:

I am very excited by the new path that has been set out for the Berkshire Museum by Executive Director Van Shields, the board of directors and staff, along with public input over two years of intense effort. The results of these efforts are very exciting.

They follow the direction set out by Zenas Crane when he established the Berkshire Museum. His goal was to give the Berkshire community a museum that would combine and blend the fields of art, history and natural science. The Berkshire Museum has fulfilled Mr. Crane's vision since its inception. If one wishes to know more about this, visiting the museum website is in order.

Executive Director Shields and the board (one of whom is a member of the Crane family) have been diligent in keeping Zenas Crane's vision intact while putting in place the means to bring the museum and its mission into the 21st century. The proposed advances are very exciting. The interactive hands-on element will be a great draw for younger visitors, especially.

Change is often hard to accept, but without movement comes mummification. One mummy is enough for any institution. I can certainly understand that there are questions about the decisions made to achieve this. I am certain that they will be answered fully.

In regard to Laurie Norton Moffatt's criticism (Eagle, July 21,) it is a shame that she was too busy with other obligations that kept her from sharing her wisdom and expertise at the appropriate time..

Barbara Roberts,