To the editor:

What is The Eagle's ultimate goal? The court has ruled, the museum prevailed. Continuing to fan the embers of dissent just continues to stir up the resentment people have for the state Supreme Court's decision and for the court itself.

The Eagle stooped to a new low by publishing a letter from someone comparing George Lucas to the Nazis of WW11 for his acquisition of one of the Rockwell paintings. An obvious false equivalency as Mr. Lucas paid for his. Sure, the letter's author is entitled to freedom of expression but should The Eagle be complicit in his disgusting slander of Mr. Lucas?

This is what I believe: the museum's directors recognized an eventual financial crisis that would end in insolvency, forcing its closure and a court-ordered distribution of all its works (then we all lose, don't we). Therefore, after much due diligence, they arrived at their decision to deaccession 40 of its works to generate the revenue to strengthen its balance sheet and fund its reinvention. The result?

The board of directors and the museum's leadership have assured the residents of Pittsfield and Berkshire County a robust, relevant museum for the next 100 years.

Michael Zaccaro,