To the editor:

When other local museums have had financial problems they have applied for funding, grants and have asked the public for help. The Berkshire Museum has gone behind closed doors and decided to sell off much of its best artwork. The fact that a few employees of the museum can decide to sell something that was entrusted to them for the community's enrichment is just wrong and goes against most major museums ethics. This was not the intent of the donors nor was it the intent of the community members who founded this museum. There are many better ways to raise your endowment funds and perhaps scaling your renovations down wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

Many of the proposed changes to the museum also go against the wishes of the community. Please try to remember the community was the reason for creating the museum and all the proposed changes are not going to do any good if the community refuses to go or to recommend it to visitors.

There are a lot of other really great area venues worthy of our time and money. Berkshire Museum is a place that I have always loved to visit and bring friends to. The exhibits, programs and friendly employees are what bring us in. If these changes are made I have no problem driving the extra miles to go to the Clark Art Institute or the Springfield museums for their exhibits and programs.

Knowing that the community has not been a part of the decisions to change what is our museum is heartbreaking.

Gail Kusek,