To the editor:

Many lengthy and articulate letters have expressed the outrage and incomprehensible shock at the callousness of the trustees of the Berkshire Museum. I can only say this: As a resident of the Berkshires since 1973 who moved to this wondrous area largely because of the plethora of wonderful cultural venues available and who until this time had much appreciation for our small but beautiful Berkshire Museum, I feel utterly betrayed by their fundraising decision to sell so many incredible works of art by renowned artists, especially our own Norman Rockwell. I truly believe it was the intention of the donors to keep these jewels in place right here in the Berkshires.

Maybe the trustees need to set their sights a tad lower, pull back on extending a lovely building, and find new ways to raise the monies necessary to continue to offer the residents and visitors a special glimpse of a variety of art and history.

They can, meanwhile, count me out!

Ann G. Spadafora,