To the editor:

Horse racing has become a sport in which the horses are indisputably born to die. The "sport" is now a source of entertainment for onlookers who are too blind to see the real truth about horse racing.

I am writing as a high school student at Pittsfield High School. I realize I am not quite able to vote, but I will be soon enough. As a proud member of the Defenders Club at Berkshire Humane Society, I believe that the horse racing industry should no longer be supported by anyone.

Over 1,000 horses die every year on the race track and these numbers are no surprise to the horse racing industry. Even more are euthanized at a trainer farms, training facilities or due to "training deaths." It is sickening to me that people are letting this happen right under their noses, but they choose not to care at all. Some injuries can easily be treated or fixed with time, care, and compassion, but the injured horses are seen as useless debt, so the easiest, and least expensive choice is to euthanize the poor horse.

So all I ask you to not attend any horse racing function because it would be a sign that you find entertainment in the horses' misery. Please educate your friends and your family about the truth of horse racing.

Senate bill S.101 and House bill H1.3 would allow a license issued over 20 years ago by the Racing Commission to operate as permission for the return of racing to Great Barrington Fairgrounds. This would strip the community of the right to vote. How can we let this happen?

Elodie Theriault,