To the editor:

The letter submitted by Stephen C. Dodge, executive director of the Massachusetts Petroleum Council, titled "State police acting prudently in Sandisfield" (Eagle, Dec. 31) is so laughably inaccurate as to almost preclude comment. But it's important to point out that members of the Sugar Shack Alliance are the exact opposite of being "lavishly" or "richly" funded." They are, in fact, grassroots activists who receive no pay and fund their own gas, tolls and other expenses out of their own pockets.

As far as "violence and sabotage perpetrated by anti-pipeline protesters elsewhere in the country," the violence and sabotage taking place across this country is against native peoples, citizens of the U.S., others around the world, and all species who are subjected to the destruction and desecration of their water, air, lands, homes, and sacred sites by those who fill their wallets without care for future generations and our precious planet.

Judy Eddy,

West Stockbridge