To the editor:

Van Shields et al. are obviously trying to preserve the institution by outlining a new, more modern tack in a new world (magnified globalization, economic coalitions, robotics, the specter of climate change, etc.). Let's join in and back them up.

The Berkshire Museum has always been a union of the arts, education, sciences and history. Now additionally, we would add at least technology and environmental sustainability. All are worthy of the new plan adding more of a sense of humanity, today.

The Cranes, the Colts, all the early sponsors, would surely support this effort for survival and prosperity, in a way much stronger than the present circumstance allows.

Perhaps the museum is lacking sufficient significance at this time. It needs the major prod of the Van Shields outline, given the changing culture worldwide. And after the enhancement of the institution, the museum will call for our support just as it does right now.

Think of Miss Mira H. Hall, principal of Miss Hall's School, elected trustee of the museum in 1936, and today the movement from STEM to STEAM at Miss Hall's, emphasizing science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics, "guiding student inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking." The museum will clearly reflect these element in a modern way for all of us in the community.

Paul Soroken,