To the editor:

Stephen C. Dodge of the Massachusetts Petroleum Council obviously supports the pipeline in South Berkshire (Letters, Dec. 31). I think it's hysterically funny that he, speaking on behalf of rich corporations, refers to the protesters as being "lavishly" and "richly" funded.

No, Mr. Dodge, you're wrong and simply trying to paint others with a paint brush that belongs in your own can of paint. People who know how unsafe the pipelines are for anyone whose lands they cross or are in close proximity to are doing small fundraisers online from other very ordinary people to afford to travel, and/or spending out of their own pockets to get to Sandisfield and other threatened places. They're carpooling or taking a bus mostly — cheaper methods than how you're probably accustomed to traveling.

Often they're people who have already fought to save their own communities from pipelines and believe in helping other people under the same threat. In other words, people who are nothing like you, sitting in your undoubtedly well-appointed office in Boston.

If it were your home being threatened however, you'd change your tune.

Heather Gray,