To the editor:

Thank you to The Eagle for the article previewing Saturday's wonderful Stockbridge event, "Revisiting Indiantown." The day exceeded all expectations. Certainly Stockbridge today is not the most diverse community in the Berkshires or in Massachusetts, but its history and values reflect a broader reality.

On Saturday, members of what in the 1700s was the local Stockbridge Mohican Indian tribe, now located in northern Wisconsin as the federally recognized Indian Nation called the Stockbridge-Munsee Community, visited our town. Visitors and Stockbridge citizens participated in a day-long historical and cultural seminar, saw exhibits, and walked a wonderfully organized, self-guided route through town — Footprints of Our Ancestors — a route that reminded all of us that what we see now on Main Street is only the surface of a much deeper and richer history.

Kudos to the Stockbridge Library, Museum and Archives; to Barbara Allen as the Museum and Archives' curator; to Rick Wilcox as our local expert on the Stockbridge Indians' role in the town's history; and to all those who made this an interactive event that reflected the very best of our town's identity.

Marilou and John Hyson,