To the editor:

What a sorry and sad spectacle is the sale of the Berkshire Museum's treasures via Sotheby's.

Magnificent and important works such as one of Alexander Calder's earliest motorized sculptures, a Henry Moore work on paper and a Picabia painting all sold at less than their true value.

At this point, there's no denying that the board of directors of the Berkshire Museum betrayed their community and the wishes of their most important donors.

I'm tired of listening to Berkshire Museum board members and their apologists in Pittsfield and elsewhere try to explain this to us. The entire Berkshire Museum board of directors should resign immediately, and Berkshire Museum apologists need to reevaluate their true priorities.

Berkshire County is known worldwide as a cultural destination. Now, we're also known as the home of the crude, stupid and capitalistic looting of public treasures, thanks to the Berkshire Museum.

Steve Dew,